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Comment Re:Ram replacement? (Score 1) 170 170

This could be it: Resistive random-access memory i.e. ReRAM.

Quoting Wikipedia:

"The basic idea is that a dielectric, which is normally insulating, can be made to conduct through a filament or conduction path formed after application of a sufficiently high voltage. The conduction path can arise from different mechanisms, including vacancy or metal defect migration. Once the filament is formed, it may be reset (broken, resulting in high resistance) or set (re-formed, resulting in lower resistance) by another voltage. Many current paths, rather than a single filament, are possibly involved."
"Compared to PRAM, RRAM operates at a faster timescale (switching time can be less than 10 ns), while compared to MRAM, it has a simpler, smaller cell structure (less than 8F MIM stack)."

Comment Re:Ram replacement? (Score 1) 170 170

Material based makes it sound like the Ovonics (Phase-change) memory that has been bandied about since like forever by Intel.

The performance seems to be more in line with MRAM though. I suspect some of those claims they make are bullshit. But we'll see.

Comment Re:Blimey (Score 1) 502 502

It's a so called reactionless drive. Assuming it works that is. We are talking about the realm of sci-fi here.

Dr. Martin Tajmar seems to have a peculiar interest in anti-gravity with superconductors though. So I wouldn't put a lot of faith in these experiments.

Just put the damned thing in a micro-satellite and test it. Then we will see if it works or not.

Comment Re:Greeks surrender: no restructuring (Score 1) 485 485

The Greeks are also paying for Slovak thievery and corruption. In case you did not know Greece is now a net contributor to the EU structural funds.

If you want to complain to someone, complain to France and Germany for pushing to roll bad Greek private bank debt to French and German banks into the ECB common pool which Slovaks (along with the rest of the Eurozone) are on the hook for.

Comment Re:Greeks surrender: no restructuring (Score 1) 485 485

You need to read some more. A lot of tax havens are actually known as places to evade paying personal income taxes as well. Monaco is one of those places. Monaco basically gets their income from Casino profits. Again they can do this because the place is quite small. The Monte Carlo casino used to be known, and probably still is known, as a money laundering enterprise. You take your money, convert it into chips, gamble a bit, and then you convert those chips back into money again. The Casino and the Monegasque government gets their cut of course.
But I can get something about corporate taxation in Estonia if you want me to:

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