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What is wrong with having dealings with Syria? The regime is dictatorial and is a de facto monarchy but I never heard of them treating their citizens like North Korea does or having an enforced state religion like in Iran. In fact I cannot think much bad I can say about Iran that does not happen even worse in Saudi Arabia.

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India has been and is the major client of Russian weapons in the world. At one point, after the Sino-Soviet split, the Russians did not sell any weapons to the Chinese and today they still give preferential access to India. Like the aircraft carrier, the nuclear submarine, T-90 tanks, etc.

India is considered by the Russians a strategic partner and counterweight against other forces in the region namely China and Pakistan. Iraq also used to be a strategic partner at one point. Syria still is.

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That does not include either the dynamo or the electric motor, two of the most important devices in the history of mankind, both developed by Faraday in the XIXth century BEFORE Maxwell wrote EM theory. Nor a lot of other things. Just because XXth century physics was that way it does not mean it is always that way. Another example is steam engines. People had working examples of steam engines a long time before Thermodynamics were developed to explain how they worked.

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You would still need to explain how the energy was generated.

Some of the people doing LENR have even used neutron detectors in their devices which showed the generation of neutrons inside the devices. The transmutation is not a new thing either. Some people have problem making the effect reproducible due to quality control of unknown factors. But allegedly others can reproduce it easily with processes they usually do not often divulge. To the point where you can use their fuel in whatever device you want according to spec and it works. There are all sorts of theories of why these devices work like they do.

Regardless the usual problem is it generates low grade heat over a really long time. Ask any person who knows a thing about thermodynamics what's the efficiency of recovery of electricity from low grade heat and you will understand why there aren't a lot of people working on this thing.

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A lot of companies used CIGS or CdTe. Because you can more easily use print and roll technologies and get fabrication costs down. Examples include FirstSolar and NanoSolar. What the Chinese managed to do was lower the costs enough using conventional technology pushed to the limit that the advantages of low temperature manufacturing without requiring silicon ingot formation, etc of the other models wasn't good enough to compete. Although some also claim the Chinese are practicing dumping. Which may also be true.

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You are ignoring the fact that people are a resource by itself.

The median salaries have been stagnant because corporations only pay as little to their employees as they can afford to and with both people in the house working and easy access to credit that's what you get.

The simple matter is all capital gains are being funneled at the top and worse of all instead of being used to fund new technology investments, raising their workers living standards, or whatever they merely sit on top of it.

Heard about the new Korean Prime Minister wanting to tax corporations sitting on piles of cash? It may start happening elsewhere too.

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What he doesn't report is how the Chinese are manufacturing their AP1000s on schedule. The problems on Finland and France with EPR have been innumerable because of excessive bureaucracy and people who don't know how to manufacture nuclear reactors anymore getting the job. Not to mention continuous funding delays.

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