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Comment: Re: FFS just keep the Warthog (Score 1) 241

The F-15 has engines optimized for interdiction so long loiter times at slow speed over the same area were *not* on the design plan. I ask you for a source with actual numbers on loiter time and you give me nothing. The specific fuel consumption on the F-15 engines is a lot higher. 0.76 lb/(lbfh) vs 0.37 lb/(lbfh) on the A-10 engines. Plus the fuel load you are talking about for the F-15 seems like its with external fuel tanks which mean if the airplane gets one shot in them it will just flame up. The F-15 can't do slow low-level altitude passes at the same speeds and still hit a target with the cannon at the same level of accuracy. The plane would stall.

It actually does. It's a rough ride, but it was designed for a low level penetration into enemy territory. Not that it matters, because neither the A-10 or F-15E will operate at low altitudes.

Bullshit. The F-15 was designed as an high-altitude interceptor and only later on did they decide to add bombing capabilities to it. It was not designed with low level flight in mind at all.

That's a funny comment. Take a look at Blue on Blue incidents by the USAF in the past couple conflicts and you might notice a theme. A-10's have shot at a lot of friendlies because they couldn't ID their target properly (and, correspondingly, they've not shot at a lot of bad guys because they couldn't PID). The F-15 with a pod at 35K feet sees way better and way more then an A-10 at 2K feet without one. Which, again, doesn't really matter because A-10's always carry a targeting pod now and hang out at 20K feet. At least the E has a WSO who's job it is to figure out who's who before they start shooting.

Have you bothered looking at the number of CAS missions each plane has done on those places? The A-10 does a *lot* more missions so of course there are more events like that. In a lot of cases an F-15 won't even bother going there. As for the advantages of dual seat aircraft in a target rich environment they did develop a dual seat A-10 prototype but it was cancelled. You can guess why.

They're more expensive then you'd think. Depending on how you do the accounting a full magazine of 30mm CM costs between 40K and 80K dollars. There are a lot of hidden costs there to, since proficiency with the gun requires a lot more training time. And there's no gurentee that the gun rounds are going to kill your target. Experience tells that the best way to kill bad guys, regardless of what they're in or where they are, is to drop a whole pile of high explosives on them. Bombs do that quickly and efficiently.

So a full A-10 magazine costs tens of thousands of dollars and the USAFs much coveted Small Diameter Bomb II costs 250000 dollars *each*.

As for missing targets with a cannon being useless I guess you have never heard of fire suppression.

Comment: Re: FFS just keep the Warthog (Score 1) 241

I would like actual facts to back your claim that the F-15 has better loiter time. Plus the F-15 does not handle that well at low altitude flight which regardless of what the Air Force says is important. Sometimes it is not easy to tell the target apart from your own troops and there is a larger time lag to hit the target when you are higher up. Also I bet those cannon rounds are lot cheaper than smart bombs. An important factor to consider when your enemy is using mostly infantry and technicals rather than modern combat vehicles.

Comment: Re:his name is Nayirah al-aba ? (Score 1) 162

Well imagine South Korea installed a system like Iron Dome or THEL around Seoul which could successfully intercept most of the artillery shells the Norks could fire. Then an invasion of North Korea would be quite likely to be successful with minor losses.

Comment: Re:adult working hours (Score 2) 149

by cheesybagel (#48679713) Attached to: Boston Elementary, Middle Schools To Get a Longer Day

In my experience a long schedule in software programming is counter productive. Sometimes you are better off going for a jog and then getting back to programming gets you back on track but other times it really doesn't work and the more you try to solve the problem the less evident it becomes. Eventually you wake up in the morning and you know how to fix it. But you can't force the creative process.

Comment: Re:his name is Nayirah al-aba ? (Score 2) 162

You overestimate their abilities. The South Korean army alone could take them on and win if they mobilized. The Norks have utterly obsolete military equipment.

The problem is it would not happen without large casualties and probably a bombing of Seoul so I doubt they want to do it.

Comment: Re:*sips pabst* (Score 3, Insightful) 347

by cheesybagel (#48666551) Attached to: Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy

I disagree. Tom Bombadil was rightly cut as it served no practical purpose. I do agree that the second movie was kind of weirdly constructed, and in the last movie the ending seemed to drag on forever and ever. But the ending also drags on forever in the actual book so I cannot fault Jackson for that.

I think the LotR movies were well done. But he just did not have the material to turn the Hobbit from one book to three movies. That was an insane thing to do. He just watered down the plot too much and then had to change the story in stupid was to drag it on more.

If there is ONE book which I think could be done in two or three movies its Dune. The Hobbit? Not really.

Comment: Re:Good luck to him (Score 1) 156

by cheesybagel (#48649479) Attached to: Can Rep. John Culberson Save NASA's Space Exploration Program?

The main issue was Concorde wasn't manufactured by Boeing. But the other issue was the 1970s oil crisis which made a lot of things which used a lot of oil uneconomic. Another casualty was the Wankel engine. Heck even military aircraft no longer use turbojet engines because they consume too much fuel.

Comment: Re: Bewitched? (Score 2) 222

by cheesybagel (#48631043) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

Steve Jobs was brought back because MacOS Classic was a steaming pile of shit and they needed NextSTEP. Once he came on board they came up with the iMac and MacOS X pretty quickly. They also knifed the 3rd party cloning business which meant they had more profits to them. He was a bastard but he knew how to make money.

At that time the company was doing okay. The rest was just icing on the cake.

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