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Comment: Re:Open Source is still software development (Score 1) 330

by cheesybagel (#46799415) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

I disagree. Most open source projects have high code quality. For one once you have your code available for everyone to see you make a greater effort to make something decent. For another most developers I know do not like having bugs on their code. I have known a couple of occasional open source projects with poor code quality which were led by artists or other non-programmers who do not know how to do better but the number of bugs is usually less than in equivalent closed source software I know of. Documentation can indeed be a problem as since the software is constantly evolving even if someone makes the effort to document it that documentation soon gets obsoleted and useless. The best examples in documentation are usually when it is tightly integrated into the code but this is usually only doable in frameworks and other technical products like that.

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The Israelis have a long standing relationship in trading military hardware with the Chinese. Another example is their air-to-air missiles the Rafael Python-3 which is manufactured in China under license as the PL-8.

I do not know exactly why the Israelis do this thing. If it is strictly for profit or if it is because they want to have a backup in case the US for whatever reason stops supporting them. Probably both. At one point their major weapons suppliers were the UK and France but after the Suez Crisis botch up the UK withdrew support. France kept selling them weapons until their other major costumers, the Arabs, said they would no longer buy weapons from them if they also sold to the Israelis. So they became reliant on the US for most weapons systems.

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I did not say their products sucked. But when you have end users preordering product by the millions before anyone had a chance to try it out what can you call those people but gullible?

There is a reason why people claimed Steve Jobs had a reality distortion field you know. The fact is the products are not that good right now to justify the demand even if they were at points. How can you explain that by anything other than marketing?

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by cheesybagel (#46768619) Attached to: Is Crimea In Russia? Internet Companies Have Different Answers

1. The President of Crimea had 10% of the votes in the previous election.
2. Might say the same about Chechnya.
3. It was bunk. There were different polls and none had 80% or 90% majorities.
4. The US and Russia have naval bases across the entire world. Crimea does not even have a land connection to Russia.
5. No. The source of power is power. Russia is simply exercising their military muscle to do a land grab. But what goes around comes around.

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If both man and wife are working full time jobs you have to spend more money putting your kids into nannies, possibly have to spend more money on meals, probably have to hire housekeepers part time to clean the house and do minor chores because you do not have the time anymore. With a large family that second salary becomes essentially worthless.

I do agree however that one big reason for the average salary income to have go down in real terms is because there are more people working. With women in the job market it is hardly surprising with twice the workers you get half the wage values per worker.

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That happens. But what also happens is if they are appropriately punished they will think twice before doing anything to you again. Of course once oversight relaxes he/she will want to take revenge. I am afraid the only good solution is hitting them where it hurts so it diminishes their social standing amongst their sycophants.

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Which legal rights? The constitution of Ukraine only allows such a partition after a nation wide referendum. Russia signed an agreement where they guaranteed to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is all a bunch of bullshit. They did not even bother making it a puppet state. They just steamrolled into it.

Do you honestly believe even if the voting was conducted properly that the people voting in that referendum did not feel coerced into it by the presence of Russian military forces during the voting procedure? Fact is Stalin agreed after WWII to let the people of the nations 'liberated' from Nazi Germany have free elections. He basically rigged all the elections to ensure the local Communist parties would win. This is a repeat of the same thing. Putin rigs elections in Russia and mocks the Russian constitution by doing a tag team alternation with Medvedev. Do you seriously think he would not do the same in Crimea?

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