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That happens. But what also happens is if they are appropriately punished they will think twice before doing anything to you again. Of course once oversight relaxes he/she will want to take revenge. I am afraid the only good solution is hitting them where it hurts so it diminishes their social standing amongst their sycophants.

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by cheesybagel (#46763789) Attached to: Is Crimea In Russia? Internet Companies Have Different Answers

Which legal rights? The constitution of Ukraine only allows such a partition after a nation wide referendum. Russia signed an agreement where they guaranteed to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is all a bunch of bullshit. They did not even bother making it a puppet state. They just steamrolled into it.

Do you honestly believe even if the voting was conducted properly that the people voting in that referendum did not feel coerced into it by the presence of Russian military forces during the voting procedure? Fact is Stalin agreed after WWII to let the people of the nations 'liberated' from Nazi Germany have free elections. He basically rigged all the elections to ensure the local Communist parties would win. This is a repeat of the same thing. Putin rigs elections in Russia and mocks the Russian constitution by doing a tag team alternation with Medvedev. Do you seriously think he would not do the same in Crimea?

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I thought that guy in the Guardian recently had his computer, with the rest of the files he had, apprehended by British security forces who promptly destroyed all the remaining evidence. Oh right there it is. They 'voluntarily' destroyed the hard drives in front of the security forces.

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Sadat I can sort of understand. He did sign the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty (then got assassinated by someone who did not like it). The other guys (Peres, Arafat) signed the Oslo accords which might be horrible in several regards but at least they enshrined some sort of autonomy for the Palestinian Arabs. de Klerk released Mandela and allowed the ANC to run for elections. Kissinger... uh... perhaps the visit of Nixon to China and reopening that connection. I am not quite sure what he's supposed to have done.

Obama was total nonsense. Was it because they believed his campaign promises of withdrawing from Iraq, Afghanistan, and closing Guantanamo? They need to wait and see before they give it to someone next time.

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The limiting factor was the size of a pocket. The form factor is the same calculators have used for yonks. Now, it may be that someone makes a smartwatch but do you have any reason to believe those will be more successful in the long term than calculator watches turned out to be?

Smartphones are general purpose computers in a portable format. I doubt they will be replaced or displaced any time soon. Personal computers did not totally replace mainframes either. They just have a larger market. In the case of a smartwatch the problems are how to conduct input and output given the small size. Aside from sci-fiesque projections of virtual displays into thin air what else can you do?

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