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Comment: Re:Nobody grows basil in dirt anyway.... (Score 1) 247 247

The thing with the indoor farming is you can enforce a lot more consistent product quality as you control the whole system a lot better. It may also make sense in places where there is a lack of space to use sunlight like in densely populated areas (they also call this vertical farming for a reason).

As for sugar I suspect someone will find out a way to make it cheaper using a wholly chemical path eventually.

Comment: Re:Democracy (Score 1) 402 402

So did it collapse your economy when you started your Revolutionary War to get independence from the UK? I heard people did not want to pay taxes on tea to pay that were funneled to the British government or something. That these taxes were decided without input from American citizens. By your take on things the USA should still be part of the Commonwealth.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 402 402

If you lend me money so I can build an airport by paying to your company and then, when I cannot pay the debt back, you ask me to sell the same airport to you for a fraction of the cost at the same time you ask me to pay back the money you initially loaned me...

What does that make you?

Comment: Re:It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cri (Score 1) 402 402

GDP fell and unemployment is at 25%. A lot of people left the country. So tax receipts fell and the pensions system can no longer be sustained. So was this a problem with the pensions or a problem with a failed economy thanks to the measures of the troika?

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