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Comment: Re:why is this news? (Score 1) 113

by cheese_wallet (#40423575) Attached to: Intel Releases Ivy Bridge Programming Docs Under CC License

I propose an amendment to slashdot whereby anyone posting a "Why is this news?" post has their account deleted and ip banned. I feel confident in saying that since I have been on slashdot, there has not been a single "Why is this news?" post that added anything of value to the conversation.

Comment: Re:Don't stop at Paul Allen (Score 1) 219

by cheese_wallet (#36024478) Attached to: Woz and the RCA Character-generator Patent

It's not like Steve Jobs is preventing others from using that money. Or that anyone, for that matter, that "has" a lot of money is denying that use to other people. The only money that sits still is the money stuffed under your mattress. If you have invested it or stored it at a bank, or purchased anything really, then it is being used for all sorts of purposes like loans, paying people's salaries, R&D, etc...

Your salary has no doubt been made possible by other people's money.

Steve Jobs money is what makes a portion of that upper-middle class possible, and if they are giving regularly to causes as you suggest, then it's all good in the end.

Comment: Re:...why? (Score 1) 236

by cheese_wallet (#35224924) Attached to: The True Cost of Publishing On the Amazon Kindle

you can email books/mags or whatever to a wifi-use-only email addr at amazon to have it sync'd to your kindle 3 via wifi.

Calibre does infact have recipes for popular newspapers and magazines, including The Economist. The recipes are written in python, and you can use existing ones as templates for writing your own if your favorite site doesn't have one already.

Comment: Re:Milking it (Score 1) 584

by cheese_wallet (#35091734) Attached to: Apple eBook Rules Changing For Sellers

Are you kidding? Apple is shoehorning themselves in as a new middle man where the previously was none! They are adding to the costs to bring a book to a market (30%), and one way or another consumers will suffer for it.

If Kindle leaves the iphone, it won't hurt apple, but it will hurt consumers.
If Amazon is allowed to recoup the 30% by charging higher prices, then the loss would simple be the effort to implement the option at all.

I doubt Amazon would just eat the cost as there are many economic analyses questioning if amazon even has a profit margin at all on their ebook sales.

On the flip side, to be compliant with the rules, it might be as simple as not having a "buy books" button in the app.

Comment: Re:Trojan for Mac had to appear some day... (Score 1) 321

by cheese_wallet (#32641742) Attached to: Apple Quietly Goes After Mac Trojan With Update

I switched to Mac last year, and it's mostly been a good experience. However, one of the things that really bugs the snot out of me is that nearly every application you download and install wants to be put in the /Applications folder. This by itself wouldn't be a problem except Apple makes you authenticate to elevated privileged to put anything in there.

A lot of apps you simply drag them to the /Applications folder (which is included as a shortcut/symlink in the image you download), but many apps use an Installer.

Having to authenticate to install an app is the normal mode of operation on Mac. So your average everyday mac user is just going to click OK and authenticate without thinking twice anytime that authentication dialog pops up. The dialog could say, "This application needs to authenticate in order to convert the bytes on your drive to 0x0", and people would still click "Authenticate" and happily type in their password.

It would be simple to write a trojan that mimics the installer app, reporting back the user's password or installing a key logger.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 446

by cheese_wallet (#32551786) Attached to: Quant AI Picks Stocks Better Than Humans

This shit is perverse. Not only does it destabilize the economy, it's literally skimming money off the top of the real economy to line the pockets of a few wealthy investors and traders who, speaking from an economic perspective are dead weight. (and then they complain about welfare...)

Well, it lines their pockets until they spend it. It's not like that money was removed from the economy.

Comment: Re:Impossible design (Score 1) 222

by cheese_wallet (#32393442) Attached to: When Mistakes Improve Performance

Especially a JMP (GOTO) or CALL. If the instruction is JMP 0x04203733 and a transmission error makes it do JMP 0x00203733 instead, causing it to attempt to execute data or an unallocated memory page, how the hell can it recover from that? It could be even worse if the JMP instruction is changed only subtly, jumping only a few bytes too far or too close could land you the wrong side of an important instruction that throws off the entire rest of the program. All you could do is to detect the error/crash and restart from the beginning and hope. What if the error was in your error detection code? Do you have to check the result of your error detection for errors too?

space the instructions further apart so that one or two bit flips won't map to another instruction.

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue