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Comment The smarter move (Score 1) 193

Would have been to expose a 'car API' to the user and provide an iPhone app using that API. I reckon stability and user experience must be important to Mercedes, so they could keep development in house to meet their quality requirements.

And: Maybe it's just me, but, Mercedes ads make bubbles of quality and conservative values appear in my head. Adding twitter and facebook integration to that, makes that bubbles burst right away.

Comment From one boundary layer to two (Score 1) 380

The heatsink + fan approach has one boundary layer on the heatsink, this approach creates two:

1. On the surface of the rotating heat sink
2. On the air cushion where the rotating heat sink "sits" on

What makes sense is to use energy efficient systems, not using any CPU-/GPU-fans and use a large and slowly rotating fan moving the air through all of the case and go for standard heatsinks on your chips. Voila: quiet, energy efficient and efficient at the same time.

Comment Drivers? (Score 1) 1089

Biggest problem in the linux world is the weak support from vendors for their video hardware and the not so up to date X11. Windows in vmware on linux feels snappier then native linux. This is my number one showstopper for linux. Google OS may be as slim as it wants to be, if the video drivers slows it down, no one will be happy.

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