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Comment: Re:Mass produce! (Score 1) 177

by cheater512 (#48472199) Attached to: Jackie Chan Discs Help Boost Solar Panel Efficiency

37 year payoff is 'barely' not worth it? When the panel efficiency starts drooping somewhat at the 20 - 25 year mark?
A 250 Watt panel doesn't stay at 250 Watts - it drops over time.

It would also be an extremely poor investment.
40 year investment = $16.02 return.
A crappy 1% interest savings account for the same $200 over 40 years = $98 profit.

For something to be a smart investment, it has to pay better than a crappy virtually risk free savings account.
Hell in 10 or 15 years politicians might wake up and decide Nuclear was actually the right solution and then you'd lose money!

Comment: Re:what? (Score 3, Informative) 138

by cheater512 (#48373931) Attached to: Google's Lease of NASA Airfield Criticized By Consumer Group

NASA isn't losing any money so there is no subsidy.

NASA uses a lot of jet fuel, thus gets a cheaper rate.
NASA sells the cheaper fuel at a profit to Google.
Google gets it cheaper than they could if they bought it directly.

Its just smart business, not ripping off the tax payer at all.

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