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Comment Re:Where is Commander Adama when we need him? (Score 1) 189

You mean you want all physical access to also be secured.

I.e. having to manually splice in to wiring looms (hard/time consuming) or using a convenient (but hard to access for an outside attacker) port in say the centre console.

Not having a convenient port near a small breakable window (lots of expensive cars got stolen because of this, they could smash a small non-alarmed window, plug in a programming tool and add new keys to the ECU), or an externally accessible port.

Comment Re:Where is Commander Adama when we need him? (Score 2) 189

I want networked computers in my car. I want to be able to control my own car via these methods.

I want the networked computers to be open so both I can utilize it in ways I wish that the manufacturer has never thought of, and so security researchers can verify that they are secure.

Comment Re:Market in action (Score 1) 54

Removing a single item of a package costing more significantly more than including it seems a *bit* odd though.

Otherwise logically you'd buy all their products and the total bill would be $2.50.

But no I'm sure Oracle has already thought of that. It will cost more to remove a product and it will cost more to add a product.

Comment Re: automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 275

They also escape having to deal with any Microsoft authored code which is a bonus.

It's almost like cheating. If I was on the dev team I'd probably introduce a little bit of Microsoft code just to give myself a challenge so the automatic upgrading script isn't too simple to write. :P

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