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Comment Re:Bitcoin (Score 2) 172

Yep so each vote is stored with a hash that includes the vote plus every vote before it. Hence why it's called a block 'chain'.

If you were given a print out of the hash your vote generated it would prove that your vote was still present in the chain at the end, it would not reveal any information about previous or future votes nor your identity.

Comment Re:Self Signed (Score 1) 95

No DNSSEC does not rely on trusting ICANN. ICANN's public key is fixed and known - if it changed alarm bells would go off.
You do trust the TLD your domain uses, but nothing further. There is no single point of failure.

And just trusting your TLD is a) easily verifiable (a simple DNS query can tell if they inject unauthorised public keys) and b) a hell of a lot better than hundreds of CA's that can all issue certificates for your domain.

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