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Data Storage

+ - "Cloud" my ***: can 500K servers float?

Submitted by chckn.grg
chckn.grg writes: ( posted their list of the companies with the most servers in operation. Fascinating stuff. The google-microsoft arms race dominates

Comment: Re:They asked for it (Score 1) 630

by chckn.grg (#27953285) Attached to: Remote Kill Flags Surface In Kindle
The law does work on a broad swath of people, like me, who won't risk the consequences of breaking the law. For example, I don't smoke pot because it's illegal and I could lose my job. If it was legal I would smoke it frequently. If my employer could tell by testing my urine whether I illegally downloaded something, I wouldn't do that either.

Comment: It's not just the systems, it's the people (Score 1) 88

by chckn.grg (#27916793) Attached to: 3,800 Vulnerabilities Detected In FAA's Web Apps
Does that make you feel unsafe? How about the fact that all the guys hired after Reagan fired the ATCs for striking are retiring en masse right now? I guess the bright side is when the new guys show up, they'll raise hell about the Rube Goldberg computer system in operation now. "Hey, I can write an iPhone app that would do a better job than this old PASCAL program ..."

Comment: Doctors pass med school but they're so stupid! (Score 1) 249

by chckn.grg (#27893547) Attached to: More Fake Journals From Elsevier
The linked Guardian story notes: "doctors skim, they take shortcuts, they rely on summaries, or worse." Um, doctors are familiar with the different levels of rigor in the peer review process at the important journals in their field. Here's a common shortcut: ignore journals that you've never heard of.

Comment: this report is silly (Score 1) 1137

by chckn.grg (#27879333) Attached to: Your Commuting Costs By Car Vs. Train?
I rather doubt anyone will be swayed by these findings. First, there's no special insights here into hidden costs of driving, and second we all have a good idea how much commuting costs, both ways. Who hasn't spent time while sitting in traffic figuring this out? Who didn't think this through before they bought a house or rented an apartment? There are simple ways to make huge progress on the issues of traffic congestion and pollution, but they're not all politically palatable. My own view is we should stop letting people deduct their mortgage insurance payments (and I have a mortgage). You really need to live on a half acre plot, fine. Just don't make me subsidize it. Notice, also, that the story is focused on the gain from one person switching. This ignores the network effect. If everyone around here used the train, it would make sense to have a denser network. That, in turn would lower the relative value of owning a car.

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