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Comment: Bad article (Score 5, Informative) 465

by chazzf (#37766476) Attached to: Actress Sues IMDb For Revealing Her Age
The BBC article is light on the details to the point of distorting the issue. There's a better write-up at Paid Content, which also has a link to the complaint. It's not just about ageism; the Jane Doe alleges that IMDb pulled her birthdate from her credit-card information and then published it, ignoring takedown requests.

Comment: Re:Buy more ram (Score 2) 475

by chazzf (#35986202) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Small-Footprint Modern Browser?
Speaking as an IT guy, a non-full time intern gets whatever's left on the shelf, unless his department coughs up the money to buy him a real system. No? Then he gets whatever's left. He didn't specify OS, but XP Professional runs much, much better with 1 gig of memory instead of 1/2. I definitely wouldn't do it off my own bat though: the idea of users randomly cracking their cases and field-modifying equipment makes my hair stand on end. It's not the stick of RAM per se, it's the principle of the thing.

Comment: Not that hard at all (Score 1) 2288

by chazzf (#35891416) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?
Is the question why does the US public "cling" (that's a loaded verb these days) to the system of measurement with which it is happily familiar and uses every day?


Probably because no one forced them to change. It's not like the people in other countries rose up spontaneously and demanded the metric system. I could care less myself, and I'm sure that after a period of time I could do metric in my head just as well as Imperial. All that being said I'm doing just fine, thank you.

WikiLeaks Took Advice From Media Outlets 385

Posted by timothy
from the pentagon-papers-on-the-resume dept.
formfeed writes "According to the AP (through Google News), WikiLeaks isn't just sitting on the recent material so they can release it bit by bit to the press, as many people implied. On the contrary, it's quite the other way around: 'only after considering advice from five news organizations with which it chose to share all of the material' are they releasing it themselves. These newspapers 'have been advising WikiLeaks on which documents to release publicly and what redactions to make to those documents.' AP questions whether WikiLeaks will follow these redactions, but nevertheless seems quite impressed by this 'extraordinary collaboration between some of the world's most respected media outlets and the WikiLeaks organization.'" I wonder if some of the anti-WikiLeaks fervor evident among US lawmakers will also be brought to bear against the AP and other mainstream media sources. Update: 12/05 17:42 GMT by T : Yes, that's WikiLeaks, rather than (as originally rendered) WikiPedia. HT to reader Mike Hearn.

Possible Treatment For Ebola 157

Posted by samzenpus
from the there's-a-pill-for-that dept.
RedEaredSlider writes "Researchers at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases have found a class of drugs that could provide treatment for Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever. The new drugs are called 'antisense' compounds, and they allow the immune system to attack the viruses before they can do enough damage to kill the patient. Travis Warren, research scientist at USAMRIID, said while the work is still preliminary -— the drugs have been tested only on primates — the results are so far promising. In the case of Ebola, five of eight monkeys infected with the virus lived, and with Marburg, all survived. The drugs were developed as part of a program to deal with possible bioterrorist threats, in partnership with AVI Biopharma."

Comment: Re:Hmph (Score 1) 1017

by chazzf (#33323026) Attached to: Julian Assange Faces Rape Investigation In Sweden — Updated
None that I'm aware of, but having enemies doesn't automatically absolve you of any potential crime. I'm more drawing the parallel that the /. instinctively protects its "own": witness the reaction to Reiser and, for that matter, the deep divisions over Terry Childs. There isn't nearly enough information at this point to make an informed judgement.

Comment: Hmph (Score 4, Insightful) 1017

by chazzf (#33322900) Attached to: Julian Assange Faces Rape Investigation In Sweden — Updated
Well, the BBC story says "Swedish police have been trying to contact Mr Assange, but have not yet been able to" while Wikileaks says "No-one here has been contacted by Swedish police". Pity you can't serve someone over Twitter. I agree that the timing is suspicious as hell, but after the Reiser fiasco I'm going to wait and see.

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