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+ - Nokia to release Lumia case design files for 3D printers->

Submitted by another random user
another random user (2645241) writes "Nokia is releasing design files that will let owners use 3D printers to make their own cases for its Lumia phones.

Files containing mechanical drawings, case measurements and recommended materials have already been released by the phone maker.

Those using the files will be able to create a custom-designed case for the flagship Lumia 820 handset.

The project makes Nokia one of the first big electronics firms to seriously back 3D printing"

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+ - Microsoft Debuts App To Give, Ask For Help After Natural Disasters

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft on Wednesday launched a new mobile app powered by Windows Azure called HelpBridge that lets you both ask for help after a natural disaster, as well as offer to give it. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the launch is an excellent initiative to rally everyone around one cause: supporting each other during a time of need. You can download the app right now from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and the Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, it's only available in the US right now, but hopefully Microsoft will be expanding regional support soon."

+ - RIM Attracts 15,000 Apps For BlackBerry 10 In Two Days->

Submitted by
CWmike writes "It's starting to look like the BlackBerry store will be well stocked with apps when Research In Motion launches BlackBerry 10 (see YouTube preview) at the end of this month. The company held an event over the weekend where it offered app developers incentives to port their programs to the BlackBerry 10 platform and managed to attract 15,000 app submissions. 'Well there you have it. 37.5 hours in, we hit 15,000 apps for this portathon. Feel like I've run a marathon. Thanks to all the devs!' wrote Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations at RIM, in a Twitter message. The 'port-a-thon' event was held in two parts: One aimed at Android developers and the other at apps written in other platforms, including Appcelerator, Maramalade, Sencha, jQuery, PhoneGap and Qt. RIM was offering $100 for each app ported and subsequently approved for sale in the BlackBerry 10 app store, up to certain limits. Developers could also win BlackBerry 10 development handsets and a trip to RIM's BlackBerry Jam Europe developer event."
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+ - Boeing uses 20,000 lbs. of potatoes to check aircraft wireless network signals->

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "Boeing calls it Project SPUDS or rather Synthetic Personnel Using Dielectric Substitution — that is, using sacks of potatoes perched on aircraft seats to test the effectiveness of wireless signal in an airliner cabin. Boeing said it was researching an advanced way to test wireless signals in airplane and needed a way to effectively simulate say 200-300 people sitting in seats throughout the aircraft."
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Comment: Re:other side of the coin (Score 2, Insightful) 1123

by chazbet (#32392354) Attached to: What Scientists Really Think About Religion
But it's not just about hedging bets.

It's about learning, using science as a technique that has most bearing on the physical world, and using other tools (including religion, social science, literature, and art) on the non-physical world.

(Yes, for any being with senescence, a non-physical world exists).

Comment: Re:No free lunch, but a range of benefits. (Score 2, Informative) 314

by Bert64 (#31545310) Attached to: The Woes of Munich's Linux Migration

The development costs will be a one off...
Having maintained windows, linux, solaris and novell based networks my experience is basically...

You require competent staff to manage any system properly, microsoft marketing says otherwise so windows networks often end up being operated very badly by incompetent staff (and have major security and stability problems as a result)... Generally only more competent people even know linux exists, so the cheaper less competent staff will never even think to try linux - if they did the results would still be bad but probably not as bad as a poorly deployed windows setup.

If you don't mind a poor setup, windows will cost more than linux but you will probably not be able to find as many extremely cheap low skilled staff pretending to have linux skills as windows...

If you want a good secure linux setup you need decent staff...
If you want a good secure windows setup you not only need decent staff but also a lot of third party software...

It's also my experience that you need more staff to maintain a windows setup unless you cut corners...

The problem is corner cutting, people think they can cut corners with windows but the end result is a huge insecure mess.. 99% of the companies i've ever been to simply don't have the budget to maintain a windows network properly..

Comment: Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044

by svtdragon (#31545250) Attached to: Health Care Reform
American is a nationality. Socialism is an ideology. The two are not mutually exclusive. I am an American socialist.

Besides, do you object to our socialist police force, our socialist fire department, our socialist postal service, our socialist military, our socialist public education system, our socialist health regulatory agencies (which make decisions for us about what food is safe to eat and water is safe to drink and which drugs are safe to take)? How about our socialist public roads? Or our socialist health insurance program for seniors? What about our socialist unemployment insurance?

Last I heard, those were all American. And last I heard, most Americans liked them.

Damnant quod non intellegunt.

Sigmund Freud is alleged to have said that in the last analysis the entire field of psychology may reduce to biological electrochemistry.