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+ - Hundreds Gather in NYC for Anti-NSA Guerilla Video Premier

Submitted by skaterperson
skaterperson (875923) writes "Nearly three hundred people gathered around 9PM, stopping traffic and packing a street corner to watch a crowdfunded video on the NSA spying programs, projected high on the side of a building from a bike-mounted projector & sound system. Now the video's live and we can all watch it. One impression was just impossible to avoid: tons of people care about this issue, perhaps more than any issue in the Internet freedom space. The mission is to reach reach them all and build a movement, and no doubt they can take apart the NSA’s mass spying operation piece by piece."

+ - Miro Public Preview 2 Released->

Submitted by
Nicholas Reville
Nicholas Reville writes "The Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) has released a major update to the F/OSS cross-platform application Miro. Public Preview 2 includes OPML support, better crash reporting, and lots of bug fixes and tweaks. PCF, which is leading the charge for open video distribution, has concurrently published a pitch for creators to offer video RSS for their content: "To preserve choice and flexibility for creators, it is crucial that video RSS be at the center of internet video... Even the largest broadcast networks like NBC or CBS are vulnerable if their primary distribution platform is proprietary.""
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