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Comment: Re:Longevity of the guns (Score 1) 630

by chasm22 (#46708699) Attached to: Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7
Haven't heard much about the General Atomic gun, but the one initially designed by BAE had severe problems. BAE just got another bunch of cash to improve their design. I believe this is really outmoded stuff. Given the state of drone technology and the state of warfare. I just don't see the need. Just what niche does this fit into that already doesn't haven't an adequate weapon system. I'm completely blown away by some of the sentiment I've seen that suggests the lack of explosives is somehow a more humane way of doing business. But what really concerns me when I read the various articles about this weapon system is the total lack of criticism. I guess we can all assume that for the first time in history a defense contractor has delivered a well designed, well tested, weapon system BECAUSE not one freakin article said there were any challenges facing General Atomic. All systems go! Right, let me check back in 5 years and see where this project is at.

Comment: Yeah, maybe before the Supreme Court ruling... (Score 1) 1116

by chasm22 (#46697567) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law
I'm thinking this line of thought is wrong, simply because Prop 8 was deemed unconstitutional, right? So, in reality, this guy was fired,err,resigned because he held views that conflicted with the law of the land. So essentially it comes down to whether or not he has the right to be the leader of a company when the company knows he supports a Proposition that was deemed to be unconstitutional. And we're supposed to accept that his rights were violated under the aforementioned labor laws? I don't think so. They didn't attempt to stop him from supporting the proposition, right? So where did they violate his rights? They didn't. They haven't. If he had been put through this scenario during the political campaign or anytime before the Supreme Court action, maybe he'd have a case. The flip side to this argument is what kind of exposure would Mozilla being undertaking if they allowed this guy to stay? I know that if I were gay and married, I would certainly be paranoid working with the man. And I don't think it would be unreasonable to feel the same about the company, since they chose a man with anti-gay views to lead the company. Following that line of logic, it seems likely that Mozilla, under his continued leadership, would have laid itself open to potential lawsuits. So who's violating the law? Mozilla by keeping him or Mozilla by inviting him to leave?

+ - Ask Slashdot: Remain Logged Into Bank Account After Reboot?

Submitted by chasm22
chasm22 (2713399) writes "I bank with a large banking firm (think of 'a police _____ ensued after the robbery') that offers the usual mobile banking options of using their app or using a browser to perform your banking chores. I choose to use Chrome on my android phone.

Today I went into my account to check the balance and then turned the phone off. Within a few seconds, I decided to go back online to pay a few bills, which I do using my banks application. Upon rebooting, I opened Chrome which reopens the last tabs you had opened. I was surprised to see that I had remained logged into my account. I not only returned to my account page showing my balance, but I then went to the page that retains my monthly payments accounts. In other words, I had remained logged into the account even though the phone was completely shut down for at least 20 to 30 seconds. My question is simply this; Is this normal or should I have had to log on again?"

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by chasm22 (#43179527) Attached to: Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4
The first device to run Jellybean(the nexus 7) was released on July 13,2013. Why would you buy a device if you knew that it was hideously out of date? And why would you expect it to be running the most current software when it was probably shipped before that software was available? I can't remember ever buying an android product without knowing beforehand what version it was running.

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by chasm22 (#42427297) Attached to: Bloomberg: Steve Jobs Behind NYC Crime Wave
I, for one , believe Apple has a clear path to solving this and a moral obligation to take action to defend their customers from these low-lifes. I am speaking of guns of course, since how else can any wrong be righted? I think any clear thinking individual can see that part of the problem with guns is the industry has been dominated by a few companies whose ideas stagnated during the middle-ages . Introducing the new kid on the block--Apple! The mere idea of a new iGun every year sends me aTwitter! Full-size iGuns, mini-iGuns. Imagine the look on that wanna-be iDevice thief when you pull your full auto(heh, we don't want to bother an Apple customer with choices)mini-iGun out and sweep the street with it. Hard to teach a better life lesson that. Or maybe that should be lifeless lesson. One thing I've learned over the years is some Apple owners take a shot better than others, if you know what I mean. All joking aside, what other company is out there that has the cajones to take someone else's design, dress it up(also called trade dress) and sell it as something you just have to have .

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by chasm22 (#41565397) Attached to: Over 60% of Android Malware Hides In Fake Versions of Popular Apps
IOS 6 users received close to the 197 security patches when/if they upgraded to iOS6( You and jo_ham and your counterparts anon and anon have nothing to fear. Just keep following your(suspiciously)similar Apple roadmaps. Using your new Apple 3D magic carpet ride mapping app of course. Be confident--you never have to check for security updates. After all, your in your new magical garden. It will magically stop all security vulnerabilities. No need to follow any security news. Apple has done it again. I'm sure they've already patented this magical walled garden approach, because it's such a monumental breakthrough in security it must have just been cooked up in their magical walled kitchen. Of course, they can close that kitchen now because, as you have pointed out, it is 'the' answer to the security problems surrounding mobile products. And I'm sure they won't, for the same reason, need to issue security patches so there's probably going to be a few layoffs in Cupertino--well enough said. You know what I'm talking about. Being right--all_the_time. Updates when updating to iOS 7=0. No need to even check. EVER.

Comment: Re:That's like applying to be Canadian... (Score 1) 385

by chasm22 (#41470151) Attached to: Woz Applying For Australian Citizenship Because of the NBN
You don't think a person of Woz's wealth would get preferential treatment do you? His (ex)partner seemed to have to wait hours for his organ transplant, right? And what about that Aussie guy ,who seems to get citizenship within minutes of his arrival in any country he invests(or perhaps infects is a better word choice)? You know Rupture,er,Rupert Murdoch. What a saint. Seems to me I read that he was put on a fasttrack for citizenship, but I know as an American, my country would never bend the rules for somebody worth a measly few billion. And I'm just as sure the Aussie's are the same way. Beside this, we have the Woz stating he didn't want any favors here in getting fiber to his place, so I'm sure waiting a couple years for citizenship won't bother him a bit. Rush Limbaugh; Closet human being???

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