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+ - Joint Dust Analysis Deflates Big Bang Signal->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last March, when a group of astronomers announced that they had detected faint swirls in the sky that almost certainly reflected undulations in the shape of the early universe, experts agreed it could be one of the greatest cosmological discoveries of all time. If confirmed, the undulating “gravitational waves” would amount to near-proof of the Big Bang theory known as inflation, and their magnitude would reveal exactly how energetically the universe inflated 13.8 billion years ago, when, according to the theory, it grew from a speck in a fraction of a second.

But soon, many had doubts. The rising skepticism was validated this week, with a definitive analysis showing that the swirl pattern detected by the astronomers fits the profile of radiating space dust rather than gravitational waves.

Scientists cross-checked the data, which were gathered by the BICEP2 telescope, pixel-for-pixel against observations by the Planck telescope, which was better attuned to differences between dust and gravitational waves. The analysis confirmed what a previous Planck study suggested: Dust obscuring the patch of the sky probed by BICEP2 generated most if not all of the observed swirl pattern.

The results appeared in a leaked press release Thursday evening intended to accompany a paper that has been submitted for publication in Physical Review Letters.

So where, one might ask, does the new analysis leave the theory of cosmic inflation?"

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+ - Hey, who amongst us is shocked by this?->

Submitted by chasm22
chasm22 (2713399) writes "Apparently there is a new tool being used by various law enforcement agencies that allows the user to 'see' into your home.

In a sad but all too familiar scenario, the same people who have taken oaths to protect our constitutional rights, are stomping on our rights in order to 'protect' us. And, as is the norm for many law enforcement agencies, they are stonewalling any efforts being made by the press to learn more about the use of these devices by giving the standard "We don't discuss our investigative techniques" when replying to inquiries about the devices."

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+ - Nazis' vast, secret nuclear facility uncovered in Austria->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Suspiciously high radiation levels around the Austrian town of St. Georgen an der Gusen had long fueled theories that there was a buried bunker nearby where Nazis had tested nuclear weapons during WWII.

Those suspicions came one step closer to being confirmed last week after the opening of a 75-acre underground complex was dug out from below the earth and granite used to seal off the entrance, the Times of Israel reports.

The excavation team was led by Austrian filmmaker Andreas Sulzer, who says the site was "likely the biggest secret weapons production facility of the Third Reich"—a facility that probably relied on forced labor from the nearby Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp and may have even been the testing location for a nuclear bomb, the Daily Mirror reports.

The weapons facility was believed to have been manned by SS General Hans Kammler and situated near the B8 Bergkristall factory, where the first working jet-powered fighter was created, International Business Times reports; Sulzer first got wind of the site after seeing references to it in an Austrian physicist's diary.

"Up to 320,000 inmates are said to have died because of the brutal conditions in the subterranean labyrinth," Sulzer tells the Sunday Times , per the Times of Israel."

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+ - Silk Road Prosecutor Preet Bharara: Keep Politics Out of Ulbricht Defense

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Prosecutors in the Silk Proad case lead by Preet Bharara are seeking to ban the presentation of any political ideas by the defense. This is in spite of that fact that if the Silk Road operator the Dread Pirate Roberts can be established lawfully in court to be Ulbricht, nearly all of the writings available to establish Mens Rea, or culpable criminal mind set, appear to be of a political character."

+ - ThyssenKrupp Introduces Maglev Elevators for Office Towers

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The German industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp has announced MULTI, believed to be the world's first elevator system for commercial buildings based on magnetic levitation technology (maglev elevators from a company called MagneMotion are already in use for weapons transport by the US Navy; and yes, Star Trek's "Turbolift" was similar). This would remove a longstanding pair of bottlenecks in the quest for building ever-taller skyscrapers, namely, the increasing weight and space requirements for cabling at higher building heights. In addition, the elevators can be designed to run horizontally (or even diagonally) as well as vertically, and can support multiple cabins within a shaft; Thyssen Krupp released a YouTube video showing cabins traversing a loop spanning two adjacent vertical shafts, with horizontal traverses at the bottom and top floors. This multiplexing, combined with the reduced footprint for required for each shaft, should result in better utilization of building floor space (a potential drawback would be that a passenger nonchalantly holding an elevator door open might shut down traffic flow for the entire building). The maglev elevators would be expensive. Rather than disclose how much the system would cost, the company says their system will be ideal for new buildings at least 300 meters in height (by comparison New York's Empire State Building, with 103 stories, has a roof height of 380m). It plans to introduce a test deployment in an 240m office tower it is building in Rottweil, Germany; the public will be invited."

+ - Is Chernobyl still dangerous or was 60 Minutes pushing propaganda?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Ron Adams is a long time nuclear advocate, so read with that in mind. This article is an interesting take on media presentation of the present Chernobyl situation.

"The show is full of fascinating contrasts between what the cameras show to the audience and what the narrator tells the audience that they should believe.""

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+ - The ZX Spectrum is back->

Submitted by techfilz
techfilz (1881458) writes "The Daily Mail reports that Sir Clive Sinclair has announced he is launching a modernised version of his 80's 8 bit computer, the ZX Spectrum.

The new Sinclair Spectrum Vega has less buttons than the original retro favourite, but should be able to run all the old games and accept SD cards as input. The product is ready and is currently undergoing funding via an Indiegogo campaign."

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Comment: Unbelievable reactions to a positive step... (Score 1) 57

by chasm22 (#48475277) Attached to: Was Microsoft Forced To Pay $136M In Back Taxes In China?
I personally applaud what China accomplished and hope that it launches similar investigations against every damn multinational corporation operating within their borders who set up foreign owned subsidiaries with one thing in mind--avoid or reduce tax liabilities. The article stated this was simply the first investigation of this type, implying that more are either underway or planned for the future. I applaud China. I applaud the EU for its attempt to correct the sweetheart tax deal entered into by Apple and Ireland. Much more is needed reign in companies like MS, Google and Apple. These companies, and many others, have repeatedly shown the world that they really don't pledge allegiance to any country. Their only allegiance is to money. To gather as much as possible, they have simply become the latest iteration of the greedy carpetbagger. They set up their foreign subsidiaries as tax havens. It was pretty ballsy for Microsoft to claim that over half the profit it earned went to R&D in the US. But then again, it appears that there were few punitive actions taken by China. And without significant punitive actions taken against these money hoarders, there is little for them to lose and much to gain. So the future appears to still favor the greedy...

+ - Apple and Samsung renew their partnership.->

Submitted by chasm22
chasm22 (2713399) writes "Apple and Samsung have again joined hands to manufacture the chips that power many Apple products. It's considered a big win for Samsung, which has seen a remarkable drop in profits this year due in part to a drop in its chip production. There are few companies in the world that are capable of the producing the chips in the quantity and with the quality that Apple needs. Without a company being capable of producing the chips, Apples in-house designing would be an exercise in futility. And without the lift in chip production that this contract with Apple will provide, Samsung would see a large portion of its chip production capability lay idle."
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Comment: Re:Easier solution (Score 1) 327

by chasm22 (#48399805) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X
The article at this website seems to suggest that TRIM and overprovisioning do work well hand in hand. It suggests that overprosioning works well alone, but much better with TRIM. http://www.edn.com/design/syst... So if I'm understanding you correctly, you are saying the real world gains claimed are not equal to the bugginess of TRIM?

Comment: Re:The disadvantages to buying an Apple system? (Score 1) 327

by chasm22 (#48398993) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X
Do please explain why what you're saying makes it anywhere near right for Apple to do the same thing, While you're at it, do explain why reasoning such as yours dominates the replies in every Apple related post that includes even a hint of criticism towards anything Apple has done, is doing or will be doing in the future . For instance, anything written that is critical of an iPhone brings a slew of replies about how crappy Samsung phones are. Anything critical of iOS will unleash a torrent of cries telling us about the abomination that is Android. And, as witnessed by your post, anything critical of OS X will result in the thread being turned into a discussion of Windows.

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