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Comment Re:PowerShell (Score 1) 383

Powershell actually was created by taking the best of the Unix CLI and rolling in the .NET and COM object model. So it is a Windows flavored superset of the Unix CLI.

show how the approach you refer to is more robust than Unix pipes.

You can pass objects and collections of objects in the PowerShell pipes.

[Are manual pages] accessible from within the terminal emulator hosting the command line?

Yes. And "manual pages" can be included inside user created functions to behave just like the built in ones. The help information in Powershell can be quite verbose. But it is categorized and the Get-Help cmdlet has switches to show you the basics, certain sections, or the whole content.

Comment Search Server 2008 Express (Score 1) 1

Except for integration with the desktop search interface you are describing Microsoft Search Server. Do you know that a lite version of the enterprise search built into SharePoint is now free? Your users will have to go to a web site to search the shared folders but there would only be one set of indexes and the indexing is done by a service on the server on a schedule you dictate. Google "Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express"

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