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Comment Re:Why use an unknown AV program? (Score 3, Insightful) 245

I don't think I have to point this out, but for the sake of clarity: the point is not that the vast majority of people are straying away from known AV software providers to unknown software providers; it is that the vast majority don't know any better and believe what the computer tells them!

Comment 5 Factor Diet (Score 1) 865

I recently started doing the 5 factor diet. Very easy - all you have to do is eat high glycemic index foods (unprocessed, so no flour, sugar, etc) five times a day. Eat every 3 to 3.5 hours. Exercise 5 times a week for 25 minutes.

The net effect of all of this is that your body's metabolism is set by what you eat. Call it optimizing your metabolism.

My current plan is to put the following into plastic containers:
2.5 ounces of chicken, either purchased or grilled, or whatever
3/4 to 1 cup of steamed brown rice
A few vegetables
Some meals, I'll have a few cashews so I can have a little fat in my diet.

I prepare them at most 5 days ahead of time and throw them in my refrigerator. In the morning I eat one (or prepare something more appetizing than chicken and rice but with equivalent nutrition). Three and a half hours later I eat another. Three hours later, another, and repeat and repeat. Five meals down, and I was NEVER starving during the day.

I'll walk for 25 minutes when I get home from work. During work, I do a few exercises that require nothing but my body. Every other day I do a single set of lunges, pushups, situps, calve raises - all fairly simple. They all take less than a minute and I can feel the results very quickly.

Once a week, on Saturday or Sunday, I eat whatever the heck I want. Cheat day. Then back at it again making my meals, packing them away, and getting ready for the work week. Never have to worry about what I'm eating next as long as it's prepared ahead of time!

I'm losing a good amount of weight on this, and it's maintainable.

5 factor diet or not, just remember to watch what you put into your body during the week and you'll do just fine. If that is too hardcore for you, try weight watchers or if you love crunching numbers, take a look at John Walker's (creator of AutoCad) website. He had the same problem at work. Took it upon himself to figure out the equations behind the weight. Worth a read at the least.

Is Apache Or GPL Better For Open-Source Business? 370

mjasay writes "While the GPL powers as much as 77% of all SourceForge projects, Eric Raymond argues that the GPL is 'a confession of fear and weakness' that 'slows down open-source adoption' because of the fear and uncertainty the GPL provokes. Raymond's argument seems to be that if openness is the winning strategy, an argument Michael Tiemann advocates, wouldn't it make sense to use the most open license? Geir Magnusson of the Apache Software Foundation suggests that there are few 'pure' GPL-only open-source projects, as GPL-prone developers have to 'modify it in some way to get around the enforcement of Freedom(SM) in GPL so people can use the project.' But the real benefit of Apache-style licensing may not be for developers at all, and rather accrue to businesses hoping to drive adoption of their products: Apache licensing may encourage broader, deeper adoption than the GPL. The old GPL vs. BSD/Apache debate may not be about developer preferences so much as new business realities."

Unexpected Slashdot Downtime 219

Netcraft confirmed it ... Slashdot was dying for several hours (along with SourceForge, which shares a corporate overlord and router). Some planned downtime from our provider apparently didn't come back up quite as planned. Sorry for the inconvenience. On the upside, we're moving to a new network and hardware soon, so the site should be much faster and more stable rsn.

Submission + - Communicating With Hospitalized People

charliezcc writes: My grandmother recently fell and broke two vertebrae (among other things) and is in the hospital while she recovers. Thankfully, she was not paralyzed and retains the use of her limbs. However, they have placed her on a respirator and she is virtually unable to communicate with us, so while we try to keep her company during her recovery, our company is reduced to mainly one-sided conversations. Asking her questions, even yes/no questions, are hard because of the neck brace — it turns into a guessing game and becomes frustrating for both parties very fast. I'm a firm believer in the power of positive mental attitudes and to make her recovery a little better and I'd like to be able to facilitate two-sided conversations with her so she can keep positive. Keeping in mind that she does not have much technology experience, what would you suggest I utilize to break the communication barrier? I used to see devices with a number of buttons used to say whatever you program it to say, but I can't find these anymore. What other kind of devices are available?

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