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Comment: Re:When You Hear Talk About Any Reform (Score 1) 220

by charlieo88 (#45643387) Attached to: The Yin and Yang of <em>Hour of Code</em> &amp; Immigration Reform

Collier argues that there are also downsides to the tech giants' plans to shift more bright, young, enterprising people from the poorest countries to the richest

MOST of those young, bright and enterprising people from the POOREST COUNTRIES won't get ANY chance to tap on their potential in their own country, and I am speaking as someone who had been through exactly that scenario.

When I came out of China, back in the early 1970's, China was in a VERY TERRIBLE STATE.

Millions of ordinary citizens had died of hunger.

Social upheaval were everywhere - goons waving that little red book were ransacking/looting people's houses they accused of "anti-revolutionary".

If I WERE to stay in China, I had only two choices:

Well, there was the third choice... Do something to make it better. Allowing people like you out of the country also acted as a kind of relief valve, reducing the internal pressure to change. You leaving has retarded the social growth of China. That is just one of the downsides.

Comment: Re:Does your office door have the same key as home (Score 1) 377

by charlieo88 (#43861971) Attached to: Why Everyone Gets It Wrong About BYOD
We had a VP that had his home locks changed to match the building front door because he only wanted to ever carry two keys. When I was going through his termination interview and asked for his key, the prospect of not being able to get into his house brought the flaw in his plan to light.

Comment: Current? (Score 2) 509

... and cannot be trusted to use a revision control system without causing a mess that somebody else will have to clean up. On top of that, he is really resistant to the idea of code reviews;

Where are you from that these are that these are "current" concepts that you wouldn't know about unless you've been keeping up? How old is this guy? When he programs, is he plugging/unplugging vacuum tubes?

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side. - Han Solo