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Comment Great fun! (Score 2) 234

In other news, thousands of Golden Retrievers have been observed hitch-hiking to Los Angeles to participate in an event described by one traveller as, "a canine Burning Man festival". "It's like somes guy just kept throwing balls and throwing balls, but der was no dog to go get 'em," said Max, a 7-year-old neutor from Chicago.

Comment Re:And the advantage of this is? (Score 1) 630

Imagine a shell that can adjust it's flight path, even slightly, which means you can fire in the general direction you want, then fine tune the aim in flight. (I assume they don't do that now..)

They don't, and even a railgun projectile probably won't either - because the force required to effect a significant change in trajectory (especially in azimuth) is simply too great.

M712 Copperhead

Comment Hacking into the system (Score 1) 274

"... Mondelez International ... will introduce so-called 'smart shelves' into store checkout aisles ... identify shoppers age and sex, and will then use that info to deliver demographically tailored advertisements ... will ... monitor how long customer's watch each ad

>cd /local/mnt/SmartShelf
>cat logfile
02-Mar-2015 11:45:23 New subject detected; Age: 20s; Sex: M; Ad chosen: 22756
02-Mar-2015 11:45:47 Status: Failure; Code: 10
02-Mar-2015 11:46:39 New subject detected; Age: 60s; Sex: F; Ad chosen: 66563
02-Mar-2015 11:46:59 Status: Failure; Code: 22
02-Mar-2015 11:52:02 New subject detected; Age: 10s; Sex: F; Ad chosen: 74453
02-Mar-2015 11:52:47 Status: Failure; Code: 15
>cat err_codes
10: Subject oogling Cosmo girl's boobs
15: Subject distracted by texting
22: Subject fumbling with checkbook

Comment Re:the difference (Score 1) 473

What if that "popularity contest" served as a valuable pressure-relief? What if there exists a class of users who benefit from the outlet of physically "Liking" or "Unliking" something they see expressed? These likes and dislikes are always available, but they do not contribute to the Score for a comment. Maybe they combine into some sort of Heat value that can be used to identify Hot comments.

Could it be that having such a system available reduce any tendency towards using the moderation system for Agree/Disagree purposes?

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