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Comment: Here in Canada... (Score 1) 120

by charles xavier (#33355266) Attached to: Canadian Cannabis Car
I remember about ten years back, hemp was the "new big thing" in the local farming industry. There were a bunch of farmers around here growing it. Then they had to deal with dumb kids trying to sneak into their fields and smoke it. Then they discovered that it was especially hard on their harvesting machines. Then they discovered that there wasn't much of a market for it, I suppose, because after that one year, I never saw another hemp field again.

Comment: Is this going to be the same story as hard drives? (Score 1) 384

by charles xavier (#33219620) Attached to: Lasers Approach Their Ultimate Intensity Limit
Every five or so years, someone comes forward and says that hard drives are nearing their physical limit. And then someone else makes a big breakthrough and continues the growth. Are we going to have to go through the same roller coaster ride with lasers too?

Futurama's New New York Built In Lego

Posted by samzenpus
from the idle-hands dept.
Lanxon writes "We've seen some impressive Lego creations (sniper rifles, printers, full-size houses ...), and Matt De Lanoy's Futurama diorama is a worthy addition. For starters, it's huge. It measures 1.5m by 2.1m, and it's been in construction for about two years. Almost every part of the city is represented, including Planet Express, its ship, the Robot Arms Apartments where Bender and Fry live, Momcorp HQ, the Head museum, Elzar's fine cuisine, Applied Cryogenics, the sewers where the mutants live, the Madison Cube Garden (which lights up at night!) and more."

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