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Comment: Re:is really needed to be private? (Score 1) 164

That does not address the issue they are trying to address here.

Also, there are so many people using addresses in but not in that you would have to give years lead time to let them get that changed. May as well go to IPv6.

Comment: Re:The declining suburbs....or not.... (Score 1) 606

by characterZer0 (#46335417) Attached to: 'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official

NYC sucks because the downtown area is so big and expensive that residential areas (e.g. neighborhoods with reasonably well packed houses with small yards) are too far from the city center. Smaller cities (100,000-500,000) are great. The downtown areas are small, and surrounded by reasonably priced houses. I live in a house, and can walk to restaurants and grocery stores out in my neighborhood, and ride a bike downtown in 10 minutes, or get a bus in 20. It isn't too crowded, it doesn't smell, and it is not expensive.

The problem is that most of the tech companies want to have spiffy new building out in the strips at the outer ends of the suburbs, so there are a ton of people driving out of the city every day while half the buildings downtown are empty. The 1%ers like it becaues they live even further out in mansions in huge sprawling developments, but it sucks for those of us who need a car to drive 20mph on the expressway for an hour a day.

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by characterZer0 (#46194489) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?

trying to build castles with toothpicks. If I moved the wrong way or wasn't utterly careful, the structure would fall.

If you are not careful when building castles out of rocks and bricks, they fall too. Many large buildings throughout history fell down during construction or shortly thereafter because the designers did not understand the required engineering principles. Software is the same.

If you want to throw together a shed, you can grab some some prefabricated bits and stick them together. If you want to build a castle, you need to understand and utilize the properties of rock, brick, mortar, and wood.

If you want to throw together a simple shell script, you can grab some snippets from stackoverflow and stick them together. If you want to build a more complex site (like /.) you need to understand a lot more. If you just take the latest design elements from the mock-turtleneck-and-crayons guys and shove them together, you end up with something like Beta.

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by characterZer0 (#45753453) Attached to: Protesters Block Apple and Google Buses In California

It may encourage sprawl and sub-optimal land use, but the traffic congestion is caused by stupid zoning and heavy subsidation of private car usage. (Also designed to protect the haves and insiders.) Sprawl could still be accomodated by better zoning (interspersed commercial zones instead of alternating commercial strips and huge tracts of residential suburbs) and public transportation (instead of subsidized gas, cars, and roads).

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by characterZer0 (#45753227) Attached to: Protesters Block Apple and Google Buses In California

Also a bad thing for people who want to stay in the home they have lived in for years but can no longer afford the increased property taxes.

That is the fundamental flaw of property taxes - the taxes can go up even if your property stayed exactly the same just because a bunch of people around you overpaid.

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by characterZer0 (#45241187) Attached to: Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well

Signature tables have far more advanced capabilities than a Wacom tablet or HTML5 canvas. They can record pressure and speed at points on the stroke so the resulting data can be used for analysis to compare signatures in case of a dispute. They can also do encryption in the device to cryptographically tie the signature data to a key fed to the device, typically a representation of the data or document being signed.

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by characterZer0 (#44231407) Attached to: Lead Developer of Yum Killed In Hit-and-run

White does not always help. If you ride at night, use bright headlights and taillaights. I commute by bicycle and have lights on regardless of time of day. Too many drivers just do not pay sufficient attention.

In many places hit and run carries a lighter penalty than DUI, so often drivers have an incentive to flee. Hit and run should be a felony.

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by characterZer0 (#43670329) Attached to: Ubuntu Developing Its Own Package Format, Installer

You're just angry that I'm pointing out that linux lacks a central repository for application and kernel settings and you have to dig through /etc 's mass of files to do the same thing. Linux is still rocking the equivalent of ".ini" files, and yeah -- it is primitive. And I'm not a moron for bringing it up, you're a moron for not seeing that sometimes, your religion of choice, could benefit from looking outside of itself and seeing that other developers have done something better.

Text files for configuration are great. I can version control them, copy them from one system to another, see meaningful diffs between them, and invidual applications can choose formats that are sensible for them.

Why on earth would I want to cram everything into a central repository?

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