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Comment: Re:Its dead Jim! (Score 1) 496

I'll be joining you on the wait train while staying with Windows 7. Windows 8 is still a bust in my opinion. Hopefully once Balmer goes once and for all, someone with some real leadership and innovation will part the seas, walk on water and pull rainbows and unicorns out of his ass...

Comment: Google Shareable:10 Projects to Help Liberate the (Score 2) 327

Web and start educating yourself. Download Project Byzantium Linux hybrid iso's and create your own mesh networks. Learn new technologies and use encryption. It CAN be done if you want it bad enough. In fact join their group, help them test and harden the technologies. Assist in translation and help them create documentation and instruction material (videos). Don't just take it sitting down, fight back!

Comment: Crystal ball says Corel gets bought out too (Score 1) 520

by chaosdivine69 (#33831196) Attached to: Against Apple, Ballmer Floats Microsoft Merger With Adobe
Ok, lets just play with this for a bit. Perhaps Microsoft should skip Adobe and buy Corel instead. They'd save tonnes of cash and get many high end and comparable products taht are very respectable and powerful (DRAW, Painter, Photopaint - they could kill off Word Perfect finally). Hmmmm, OK, lets look at this from a reciprocal fashion - maybe if Adobe gets taken over by Microsoft...Apple buys Corel instead. They get an instant professional quality office suite and the graphic programs too. Not only that, they get to decide if they'll play only on Mac OS or on Windows. Anyhow, if Adobe gets bought out I'd keep an eye North of the border...Corel is ripe for the picking too.

Comment: Jail the Jury (Score 1) 288

by chaosdivine69 (#31006958) Attached to: Courts Move To Ban Juror Use of Net, Social Sites
Well this is getting kind of out of hand. Why not just throw the jury in jail too? I mean you're taking away their freedoms already so why not do it right? At least in the end the jury gets out of jail... It would be good if the jury COULD use technology (email) but only on computers sanctioned and controlled (monitored) by the judicial service. That means "highly filtered" and/or reviewed by approved moderators of the court. If you are found breaking the rules, slap their pee pee's and throw them in jail too. At least jurors would be warned. What if I was on the jury of a long trial and I had to pay my bills online and no longer got my bill stubs the "paper way" but rather through email? Sorry - collection service for rating hell. How dumb is that?

+ - Hydorgen fusion possible using lasers

Submitted by chaosdivine69
chaosdivine69 (1456649) writes "The BBC reports that a major hurdle to producing fusion energy using lasers has been swept aside, results in a new report show.

The controlled fusion of atoms — creating conditions like those in our Sun — has long been touted as a possible revolutionary energy source.However, there have been doubts about the use of powerful lasers for fusion energy because the "plasma" they create could interrupt the fusion.

An article in Science showed the plasma is far less a problem than expected."

Comment: Re:Cryo! (Score 1) 47

by chaosdivine69 (#30705270) Attached to: NASA To Cryogenically Freeze Satellite Mirrors
Ah, what a pleasant little morbid tangent I've stumbled upon right before bed: Hmmmm, lemme see - I've come up with some ideas to compliment your $40 heroine overdose or carbon monoxide love in... 1) Large black plastic garbage bag over the head & a roll of duct tape - use your imagination. Once you get your injection of heroine, you'll pretty much pass out or flake out, hell who knows what will happen to you but ya, the bag will do you in once you use up all your oxygen. 2) Pipe the CO into the plastic bag right along with taking your horse shot of poppy...hmmm, that might be tricky because you'll have to do that yourself with the bag already on your head...well if you're successful it should be a pleasant sleep you'll never wake up from...

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by chaosdivine69 (#30561820) Attached to: TSA Wants You To Keep Your Seat, and Your Hands In Sight
Re: "If he had spent that long just trying to set it up, why didn't he also try to set it off while still in the toilet?" I agree, he seems to be a pretty F'n stupid terrorist. Planes can't fly well without tail sections... Re: "And is there any way to intervene in that process, before it even gets to be a threat?" Yup, expose them to endless re-runs of Barney the (purple) Dinosaur...that'll confuse the hell out of them.

Comment: Any clue how to uninstall Octoshape? (Score 4, Funny) 254

by chaosdivine69 (#26738749) Attached to: CNN Uses P2P Video & Adds Terrible EULA
Sorry for a newbie like question but anyone know how to uninstall this Octoshape plugin? I mindlessly clicked "agree" in a fleeting effort to watch live video on that plane that crashed into the Hudson river on one of my machines. For all I know I just signed away rights to my kidney and left "testie" too. Any info. would be appreciated... Cheers.

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