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Comment: Re:Better Question (Score 1) 116

by chaosdivine69 (#48477033) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Drone For $100-$150?

Ya, and risk getting sued up the ass for an errant shot that blinds someone. Trust me, the perp won't be expecting your drone to suddenly fly out from the second story window and fly kamikaze suicide style into his ultra expensive voyeuristic play toy. Besides it will be extremely satisfying to beat someone at their own game since you'll be a drone douchebag too after all.

Comment: At that price point, not much... (Score 5, Informative) 116

by chaosdivine69 (#48476949) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Drone For $100-$150?

You'll be getting crap for $100-150. Sorry, but you will. Now that being said, I have found a Syma x5C from Banggood for $63.51 CAD and has a 2MB camera. and it's not bad for a beginner but it's going to get broken and then you'll be pissed off.

But you should really save your pennies and buy a Cheerson CX20 but it's $368.40 CAD. Here's an entire thread on it from people who know their stuff on RCGroups:

Do your research on this on YouTube and the Internet in general. Read the reviews. This is a pretty serious drone for little cost. You can get gimbals and use GoPro cameras (or SJ4000 type cameras too). Anyhow, good drones aren't to be found for under $300. Save your'll thank me later.

+ - Supposed Battery Breakthrough. 70% charge in 2mins, 20yr life.->

Submitted by chaosdivine69
chaosdivine69 (1456649) writes "According to Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU), they have developed ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes and have a 20 yr lifespan (10,000 charges). The impact of this is potentially a game changer for a lot of industries reliant on lithium ion batteries.

In the car industry for example, consumers will save huge on costs for battery replacement and manufacturers will save on material construction since they're using a nanotube structure of Titanium dioxide which is an abundant, cheap and safe material found in soil. Titanium dioxide is commonly used as a food additive or in sunscreen lotions to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays. It is believed that charging an electric car can be achieved in as little as 5 minutes making it comparable to filling up a gasoline based automobile."

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Comment: I don't Belkin - but can firmware be flashed? (Score 1) 191

by chaosdivine69 (#48087055) Attached to: Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages

I just went to and did a quick scan of their firmware and the results are a bit spotty but possible for some types of routers. But if your router is on the list then I'd get the hell out of the Belkin umbrella altogether. Might wish to check out Tomato, OpenWRT or FreeWRT too. If your router isn't upgradeable, smash the fucker in a fit of rage (it'll feel good, I promise) and after you collect enough empty bottles, go buy yourself a new one that isn't made by Belkin and IS on on of these firmware upgrade lists.

Manufacturer Model Revision Supported Activation required
Belkin 7230-4 v6000tc not possible no
Belkin F5D7130 - yes no
Belkin F5D7130 ver 2001 yes no
Belkin F5D7130-4 v1010 yes no
Belkin F5D7130-4 v1112 yes no
Belkin F5D7130-4 v7002uk not possible no
Belkin F5D7130uk v2115uk yes no
Belkin F5D7130uk v3000ef, v3002uk yes no
Belkin F5D7230-4 1000fr, v1444, v2000df yes no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v1000, v1010, v1111, v1112, v1222de, v1223df, v122 yes no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v2000, v2000de yes no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v3000 yes no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v6000/v6002 not possible no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v7000 not possible no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v8000 not possible no
Belkin F5D7230-4 v9000 no no
Belkin F5D7230-4 vA000 not possible no
Belkin F5D7231-4 v1000df, v1000ef yes no
Belkin F5D7231-4 v1001 yes no
Belkin F5D7231-4 v1100de, v1102, v1103ee yes no
Belkin F5D7231-4 v1212UK, v1213 yes no
Belkin F5D7231-4 v2000, v2001yy, v2001df yes no
Belkin F5D7231-4P v1000 yes no
Belkin F5D7330 - yes no
Belkin F5D8230-4 v1001ea yes no
Belkin F5D8230-4 v1002 no no
Belkin F5D8231-4 - no no
Belkin F5D8232-4 1000, 1021uk wip no
Belkin F5D8233-4 ? not possible no
Belkin F5D8236-4 ? not possible no
Belkin F5D8633-4 v1 no no
Belkin F6D4230-4 v1000 not possible no
Belkin F7D3301 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D3302 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D4301 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D4302 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D7301 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D7302 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D8301 v1 yes no
Belkin F7D8302 v1 yes no

Comment: Re:Chromecast (Score 1) 106

I have a Sony TV and their Netflix App is actually pretty good. It even has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote. I don't use any of their Sony Entertainment services or anything else like that since I prefer the connected desktop computer route. Their web browser on the other hand is beyond brutal and it's the main reason I connect it to a desktop.

What isn't good is their Miracast implementation. It only works with Sony phones/tablets...this seriously pissed me off since none of mine are made by them. Instead of disclosing this information, they hid it and then discontinued the model of TV early in the new year because the blow back from unhappy customers over this feature not working with non Sony products was pretty big.

Their matching Blu Ray player has the exact same functionality as the smart TV so things are redundant.

Comment: Re:Chromecast (Score 1) 106

This is true. I have seen all my 3D titles in the theater and it is rather pricey (hence me wanting a copy of 3D Avatar after I saw it so I could repeat the experience on a whim) but I go to the theater to get out of the house and for the "event" nature of it all, granted it's not often I do this. I don't have kids though so I didn't consider that type of expense.

Comment: Re:Finally (Score 1) 197

by chaosdivine69 (#48028897) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

Just so you know, Corel's doing this sneaky renting bullshit too but they're just doing in peace meal with individual features. Coreldraw X6 was the QR code generator. X7 introduced a Hide Object feature. Both are "greyed out" unless you're a standard or premium member. Standard members don't pay but preemies do - aka, RENT. They'll continue to tie in more features this way also over time. Corel's not getting off easy on this one by any stretch.

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