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Comment Prime Example for why everything is so expensive t (Score 1) 306

It is ridiculous, the charging for every little thing .

customer service has been tossed out the window. in favor of less services for more money strategies.

I know there is business bastards and spread sheet nazis who say this is the way it needs to be done and will reason that time is money and that the end user needs to pay for that time . It is the only way businesses can sustain them selves.

But i disagree with this. they should not even be wasting the time and energy in creating a model for such extra charges and services. and instead focusing that energy on bettering their product.

This goes for every company out there . instead of finding ways to nickle and dime their customer base they should be focusing on quality products followed up with quality customer service and product support .

These standards should be included with all products, other wise we end up with the same ol race to the bottom where everything is generic and there is no quality or support for the product .

  Customer service is not expensive when you have a quality product .

If companies would return to creating quality products and focus on differentiating them selves from one another with options, services, and products. they wouldn't have to try and find "creative" ways to gouge money out customers for services that are of little benefit.

Now that we are in an market filled with race to the bottom products the companies have forced them selves into a postion where they can longer offer quality products with a good profit margin. They now rely on acquiring their profits from cannibalizing their product to the bone and reselling those services and components at a annual fee.

Thus why every thing is becoming so expensive and short lived.

Comment ill tell you want my problem is with it (Score 2) 590

The problem is
it is devoid of functionality and reeks of lets make everything stupid. ideology that has become the keystone of this decade.

yes these words are polarizing but the whole interface is polarizing. im not just talking windows here im talking all smart devices and its "thinking behind its poor design"

remove functionality .

remove options.

apply bare minimum usability.

when you come from robust desktop apps that give the users control of their programs , it is a slap in the face to use a so called smart app. and if you want to close the app ? forget it buddy the all knowing software engineer has removed the "confusing" close app functionality and gently suspends the application in the back ground . so if it glitches, it remains glitched until you reboot the device .

We have taken leaps backwards in the progress made in user interface in the last 20 years . instead of having things available to you with a few short clicks you are now bombarded with hundreds of lil shiny buttons across multiple virtual desktops that you have to examine to see what they are . (oh press the wrong one no problem well just suspend it into the background until you need it again !!)

Also the new interfaces are designed with the mindset that are to be only presented not used . so screw copy, screw paste, screw edit, and screw select all you dont need it !! just look at the pretty pictures and post your short expressions of glee on facebook.

so yeah dont expect those of us who actually use our computers be enamored with a another dumb user interface . just because it is touch touchy touchy does not mean it is gaining more functionality . in fact in most cases we are loosing a majority of progress that was made in application useability .

Comment time for a change (Score 1) 376

yep we have grown tired of blowing stuff up here on earth

time for some interplanetary fireworks

and hopefully after we are bored with that a extrasolar pyrotechnical extravaganza will fulfill the need

until its time for intergalactic shock and awe

all complete with 3-D WHEEEEEEE !!!!!! glasses !!

cant wait to see it

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