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+ - New species of carnivore discovered, lives in cloud forests of Columbia, Ecuador->

Submitted by chaim79
chaim79 (898507) writes "The Olinguito, a newly discovered mammal carnivore, is the smallest member of the animal family that includes racoons. This is the first new mammal carnivore species to be identified on the American continent for more than three decades. Specimens were found in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, but were mislabeled. It is believed that a live Olinguito was actually exhibited in several zoos in the US between 1967 and 1976 but was misidentified as an Olinga, a close relative.

Scientists have catalogued only a fraction of the planet's lifeforms. New species of insects, parasitic worms, bacteria and viruses are discovered on a regular basis, but new mammals are rare.

This reminds us that the world is not yet explored and the age of discovery is far from over. The Olinguito makes us think — what else is out there? says Dr Helgen.


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+ - Proposed 2013 Obama budget attacks General Aviation with a $100 per flight tax.->

Submitted by chaim79
chaim79 (898507) writes "The Proposed Obama 2013 budget is proposing a $100 per-flight tax on turbine aircraft, in what amounts to a direct attack on general aviation. Such a tax will only hurt general aviation. For what money it may bring in, it will also create more bureaucracy to soak the money up, leaving little tax income to show for it. This will only hurt one of the few sectors where innovation still happens in the US."
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+ - FreeBSD first to include Grand Central Dispatch->

Submitted by chaim79
chaim79 (898507) writes "FreeBSD 8.1 will be the first Open Source Linux/Unix distribution to include Grand Central Dispatch.

Apple Open-Sourced Grand Central Dispatch shortly after releasing OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Grand Central Dispatch (also known as libdispatch) is a threading library that gives the OS control over threading pools and gives programs access to those thread pools, instead of needing to create and manage per-application thread pools. Also involved in the port to FreeBSD is a blocks-aware clang compiler, Blocks are an extension to the C language spec essentially allowing anonymous inline functions to be created inline in C code and allowing those blocks to be assigned to queues for concurrent processing."

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+ - Teacher and Bloger both shot before thinking->

Submitted by
chaim79 writes "Two days ago a blogger who works to provide and and encourage open source usage and awareness among high-school students received an e-mail from a teacher who jumped to conclusions and attacked him for doing and encouraging illegal activities, he fired back and posted it on his blog. The reaction he received (front page on SlashDot) was not what he was expecting, and the comments left on his blog shocked both him and the teacher.

The blogger has since followed up with apology and clarification, from himself and from the teacher in question, and several choice comments on the vehemence of the reaction (both his own and the communities).

The bottom line? Even as we in the linux community struggle to overcome ignorance and increase awareness in Open Source Software, we must take care that our reactions to such situations do not make the situation worse."

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+ - Microsoft to pay Mac bloggers to out Apple?

Submitted by
chaim79 writes "Apparently advertising companies working for Microsoft are approaching Mac Enterprise Bloggers and offering to pay for articles (Corporate Custom Content) to say that Vista is better for the enterprise then OS X. David Morgenstern at ZDNET was aparently offered $15,000 to write such an article.

Microsoft appears to be worried."

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