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Comment Re:politically motivated translation? (Score 2) 49

Here's a link to a Russian article on the matter. http://ria.ru/economy/20130430/935405025.html

According to the article he states that:
1. This ban is a clear example of unfair competition. (using political means)
2. That they (the Russians) will have to work with the Europeans so that they can make their own independent decisions.

Something else intersting from that article is that the Minister of Economic development stated that t-platforms is competing with American and Chinese companies in the European market. I consider this strange since the US mentioned Taiwan but there is no pressure against Chinese companies.

Comment Re:Doesn't the Tolkien estate... (Score 1) 211

I could be wrong here but didn't JRR Tolkien sign away the rights to LoTR and The Hobbit movies when he was still alive? Some American company if I remember correctly. Christopher tolkien was against the movies getting made but they still did them despite what he wanted.
I guess this is why we will never get to see a movie based on the Silmarillion (the Tolkien estate still has the rights to that) :(

Comment Re:Hey Apple (Score 1) 377

From the comments section in the link you provided:

"Did anyone actually go back and read what Arthur Clarke wrote about these things?

They’re “Newspads” — and the paradigm is very different from either a ‘tablet’ or a TV per se: on the other hand, let’s just say I hope Jeff Bezos isn’t planning a similar defense strategy for the Kindle

The thing is a reading device, intended for what would constitute requested push content (say, an ‘edition’ of s ‘newspaper’). The keys let you navigate between pages, and perhaps (touch sensitivity not allowing gestures) moving a virtual larger newpaper page so you can read different sections at high default magnification. Moving images were subsidiary to the newspaper metaphor: illustrations with some TV-like character. There is a scene in the movie (during the Pan Am trip to orbit at the beginning, ISTR) where we see a NewsPad working as a newspaper (in black-and-whitish display) with moving illustrations

Running the thing as a portable flatscreen television is a different thing (and, assuming bandwidth exists, would be a logical “gee whiz!” thing that a forward-looking person in the ’60s might imagine his newspaper would turn into someday. But keep in mind — it would be far more ‘interactive’ than a typical TV metaphor, as you could select any number of running video windows within the ‘book’ or ‘paper’ you were reading. Not single-window push like broadcast TV at that time"

Comment Re:Watch out Blizzard you're next (Score 2) 304

Starcraft? Dosen't say lan game I think it means any mobile application that needs to log in. While Blizzard's games are not celluar phone or tablet based they do have an auction house app which would be infringing this. What suprises me most is how something like this was ever awarded. Isn't their an 'obvious' clause that invalidates patents? IMNAL

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