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Comment: Re:Jesus Christ, this thread (Score 1) 238

by cgimusic (#47036411) Attached to: Apple To Face Lawsuit For iMessage Glitch
"Apple can patch iMessage to handle this and then there's little work involved for the customers at all." Please, go ahead and explain what the fix for this is because apparently the engineers at Apple with all their fancy computer science degrees are unable to figure it out. Aside from the 45 day phone number deletion time that is already in place, what would you change?

Comment: Re:PEBKAC (Score 1) 238

by cgimusic (#47036397) Attached to: Apple To Face Lawsuit For iMessage Glitch
It's never labelled as SMS, it's labelled as Messages. Apple simply chooses to deliver these messages over the best medium possible for the highest number of people. This is entirely the fault of users. There is no technical fix for this, the only mitigation would be to make the automatic deregistration time shorter which has its own problems.

Comment: Re:Easy answer (Score 4, Informative) 845

by cgimusic (#45567685) Attached to: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service — and No Google Glass, Either
I still don't understand these privacy concerns. I can't think of many public places I could go near where I live where I wouldn't be being recorded anyway. As soon as I step outside my front door I am being recorded by at least two neighbours security cameras and many businesses have them too. I am not saying this loss of privacy is acceptable, just that the Google Glass doesn't really make it any worse.

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