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Comment: Re:not the real question (Score 2) 200

At DefCon last year there was seminar on plane hacking given by what I consider a definite expert. He was a commercial airline pilot and certified mechanic and a computer hacker to boot.
Other than the 777, the avionics of a plane do not use TCP/IP and therefore cannot communicate with a PC without a special adapter plugged directly into the avionics.
Awesome seminar, but the speaker did bring up the potential in the future if airplane builders were not careful.

Comment: Best Spot the Fed Story (Score 1) 102

by cgfsd (#49638709) Attached to: FBI Releases Its Files On DEF CON: Not Amused By Spot-the-Fed
The best Spot the Fed story I have heard was several years ago when DEFCON was at the Riviera.
The woman gets up and picks out the Fed. When asked how she knew, she became sheepishly quiet. After some prodding she admitted sleeping with him and while he was still asleep she went through his wallet and found his ID.

Counter spying at its best!!

Comment: Ink Dye like the banks (Score 1) 664

by cgfsd (#46918513) Attached to: Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps
Wouldn't be awesome if you could activate an ink dye that exploded all over the person who stole your phone?
Recovering a stolen phone is pretty much hopeless, but at least you would have the satisfaction that the perp looked like a smurf.
Of course the downside, hackers would think it would be funny as hell to set off the dye on people they didn't like.

Comment: Re:being against subsidies.... (Score 2) 769

by cgfsd (#46858161) Attached to: The Koch Brothers Attack On Solar Energy
The problem with AZ is that the power company was paying 4 times the going rate to buy power from solar panel users.
In essence making the rest of the consumers pay for people's solar panels.
If it were the going rate, I would have no issue with solar panels, but why should I pay more so someone else can have solar panels?

Comment: Buy a decent camera (Score 3, Insightful) 104

by cgfsd (#46724345) Attached to: NYC Considers Google Glass For Restaurant Inspections
Instead of spending $1500, why don't they buy a decent camera with a flash for 1/10 of the cost.
Maybe throw in a tablet for $300 to help documentation.

The Glass sucks at low light conditions and high contrast conditions found in coolers and kitchens.
Using Glass sounds good, but common sense sounds even better.

Comment: Its all about the Tax (Score 1) 66

by cgfsd (#46639647) Attached to: How Airports Became Ground Zero In the Battle For Peer-to-Peer Car Rentals
It all boils down to companies paying tax to someone one, be it the government or airports in this case.
As long as everyone pays the taxes, no issues. Try to bypass the taxes and lawyers shall descend upon thee.

SFO is cheap compared to other airports for taxes, in Vegas it works out to be about 50% tax on top of the rental bill.

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