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+ - LulzSec released 62k Facebook & Paypal passwor->

Submitted by cf18
cf18 (943501) writes "The hacker group Lulz Security is claiming it released log-in information for 62,000 private internet accounts Thursday, including Facebook, PayPal, dating sites, Xbox Live and Twitter. It is not known if the affected sites were actually compromised, or if the passwords are reused from leaked accounts in previous attacks. is apparently blocking all user login at the moment."
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Comment: Mean while near Tokyo (Score 2) 251

by cf18 (#36368936) Attached to: Japan Doubles Fukushima Radiation Leak Estimate
It is most worrisome that there are reports of radiation level near Tokyo is increasing.

"A group of Tokyo parents filed a request Tuesday asking the metropolitan government to change the way it determines radiation levels in the capital after their own study found relatively high levels of contamination around Koto Ward."

5.77 microsieverts per hour of radiation measured near Tokyo at ground level

+ - Leaked doc may forced US to attack Osama earlier->

Submitted by cf18
cf18 (943501) writes "Wikileaks released a set of leaked Guantanamo prisoner files to public last week. Among them a document dated from 2008 mentioned both Osama's trusted courier's name and Abbottabad, the city which Osama had been hiding inside. There are speculations that, fearing al-Qaida realize their courier may have been tracked and move Osama, the US administration accelerated their plan and attacked the target site over the weekend.

This link highlights the section of the document."

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Comment: Re:epic FAIL (Score 5, Interesting) 183

by cf18 (#35677420) Attached to: Samsung Keylogger Stories a False Alarm

- an antivirus software that rise alarm base on a two letter directory name inside \Windows , even when it is empty.

- a "security researcher" that take the alarm at face value and never check if is actually there, check if the process run, what kind of content it was logging and where it is sending them.

- a low level support manager confirm the software's existence, probably thinking about the fan speed and temperature monitoring software.

Comment: Re:Computers are better than humans? (Score 3, Informative) 295

by cf18 (#35618548) Attached to: Top French Chess Players Suspended For Cheating
After submitting the story I found a more detail story from The Independent.

It mention the chess program used is called "Firebird". From google there are many reference for it in various chess forums as an open source chess engine but I can't find an official page in English.


+ - French top chess players suspended for cheating->

Submitted by cf18
cf18 (943501) writes "The French chess federation has suspended three top players for violating sporting ethics at a chess olympiad in Siberia last September. The allegation claims while the first member was playing, a second member would watch the game via internet, used software to find the best move and send it to the third member via SMS. The third member would then sit himself at a particular table in the competition hall. Each table represented an agreed square on the chess board."
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Comment: Re:'Apparently' China... (Score 1) 208

by cf18 (#35232682) Attached to: Foreign Hackers Attack Canadian Government
The anti-chinese xenophobia on this site has been obvious for years, but it just follow general western media trend.
Take a look at this 'minor' item from wikileak that only got half a page of text:
If the spy ranking is changed, do you think it will not show up in front pages on all media?

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