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Comment Too late and too stupid. (Score 3, Interesting) 37

let people report a spam call number easily. once you get 15 different people reporting the same number block it system wide. Honestly it will take down the whole spam calling industry within 30 days.

But knowing how telcos work, they will monetize it and sell to spammers a service to have their number forever whitelisted.

Comment Re:And how does this help the people? (Score 1) 60

"Actually, the biggest threat to space exploration is actually the unwillingness of people to do it."

Actually the biggest threat to space exploration is Congress. NASA would have double the budget if they were given only what the military pays for air conditioning TENTS overseas.

WE spend such a miniscule portion of the budget on space it's embarrassing. Give NASA 10% of the military budget. OR we need to declare war on mars to get the full military budget in line.

Americans are more interested in killing people than science and exploration. This is a solid fact proven by looking at the last Budget released.

Comment No... (Score 1) 560

These are examples of really really dumb people not paying attention. if your GPS says, "drive 250 miles" to the hotel near your airport, and you blindly do it... you are an idiot.

Drive 2 days away... again, idiot level.

The problem is that all technology requires the user to have a modicum of intelligence. The examples in the story are of people that should not be allowed to drive a car let alone use a GPS.

Comment A feature that all android phones are missing... (Score 2) 153

Let me block a number with wildcards


Those three will block a bulk of worthless calls to my phone. I already have an app that kind of works but I would rather hav ethe phone do a connect and then instant hangup, or better yet play the universal "disconnect" tones that phone companies use for a phone number that is not in service to knock my number off a computer list.

There is no reason at all for the base OS telephone functionality to have built in blocking with wildcard support.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 2) 435

You guys need to advertise that far and wide. The reputation was earned from the scam tactics of the previous owners, and nobody will come back to see if it has changed if you dont make it a core part of your advertising.

The new sourceforge, under new management and it is back to the pure form with nothing shady going on.

Comment Already a Failure.... (Score 1) 185

If step one of his plan is not to fire all the idiots in charge and replace every single one with someone that has a MINIMUM 10 years experience on the ground with cybersecurity, then it's a failure.

Law enforcement people are idiots when it comes to Cyber security, you need real people that know what the hell they are doing in order to be smart enough to make decisions and direct properly.

Instead we get Executives that barely know how to lock a door properly put in charge and they make stupid decisions that are ineffective. OR worse a FBI/CIA director that can't even check email put in charge because it has the word "security" in it.

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