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The Courts

+ - Substitute teacher convicted for pop-up porn

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cenonce writes: "While perhaps impossible for Slashdot readers, imagine you know next to nothing about computers. There are still those people out there, and they are in your children's school administration and teaching staff, on your local police force, and eventually end up sitting on your jury in a criminal trial. Julie Amero, a substitute teacher, for a seventh grade class found out how hard computer illiteracy can be, both hers and others. Her story is comical and nightmarish at the same time.

Ignorant, and probably underfunded, school administrators refusing to admit their own negligence, school computers still running Windows 98 and IE 6, police "computer experts" alleging a pop-up is purposefully accessed, a clueless District Attorney denying the truth and refusing to prosecute, a judge refusing to allow expert computer testimony, all came together to result in Ms. Amero being arrested, charged and convicted of four counts of "risk of injury to a minor, or impairing the morals of a child." For what, you ask? A Trojan Horse displaying pop-up porn on her classroom computer!

Think you will get a jury of your peers if you are ever charged with a computer crime, Slashdotters? Think you and your attorney will even be able to educate a judge and jury on how computers and the Internet work? Think again and read Julie Amero's story."

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