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Comment: cleaner fuel burning tech gives the morlocks homes (Score 1) 663

by cenerentolo (#43599449) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What If We Don't Run Out of Oil?
that new hydrogen thingy where water is separated on wafers or titanium would be a huge and easy way to access cheap energy..... if we developed the tech to safely extract shale and coal, two systems of burn per power generator if using fossil fuels, that could help with the air quality. rudolph steiner said that all the coal/oil had to come out of the ground.. it was a karmic thing or something.... but all that space opened up in the earth, MASSIVE new locations for housing, industry, etc. so we could get on to the business of making the bankers move underground and disposed to try to cull the herd of us eloi

Comment: sad that all we see as art these days (Score 1) 684

by cenerentolo (#43573355) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are There <em>Any</em> Good Reasons For DRM?
is recordings of it. as an international artist myself, and one who does not rely on any sort of mechanical reproduction, i say fine... art is a thing of the moment. all the people clamoring for their digital rights is silly in my eyes: because by the time people look at my art in a recording, it is only a memory... im an opera singer, and while THIS VOICE can shake the air and make athiests believe in god, RECORDINGS cant.... but recordings and pictures are art times... that they are supplanting and pushing out older, more human body based forms of communication shows their power and also insignificance (part of our decay right now is cause of the dearth of artists helping society evolve)

Comment: Re:A modest proposal. (Score 1) 221

by cenerentolo (#43573337) Attached to: The Coming War Against Personal Photography and Video
vocabulary follows use. sadly, this is only manifestation of the decay present in so many other societal structures: art, health, education... basically everything taking care of people after ronald reagan took office and gutted our nation and the republians for parts.... in some antechamber in hell, that man is handsome young and with a perfect memory, andhe is forced to perform sexual acts on the rotting corpse of that other mass murder conservative saint, margaret thatcher. im a little unclear why surveillance tech isnt part m.i.c.? wouldnt a natural progression of the mic be to encroach on all the lives of the people that dont participate in it? doesnt the military need to see things? is something not a weapon cause it doesnt explode? AND IM SPENT

Comment: Re:paraphrazing myself (Score 1) 221

by cenerentolo (#43573309) Attached to: The Coming War Against Personal Photography and Video
as a boy, perfect strangers used to run up to me on the street and scream. they did this cause my grandfather was a politician being skewered by a news anchor (that ran for his seat simultaneously). if you think that kind of thing has no effect, on the kid or the politician, youre not thinking..... but the politicians that get treated like that tend to be the good ones... mine had just finished the most ambitious earthbound public works project, perhaps, ever. nowadays, they are the anchormen that had a hardon for the person that was elected by the people. so yes, i agree, we should all stick our thumbs up their asses

Comment: Re:Fiat Currency (Score 1) 692

by cenerentolo (#43473169) Attached to: Steve Forbes: Bitcoin Not Money
well, my ground beef is at least 8 dollars a pound, it might be more.... and that is grass fed... so depending on if you want to decide that subsidies constitute a price per ground beef pound that finishes as higher or lower.... but if you want to decide that government subsidies of beef industry raise the grain fed ground beef price to 200 dollars a pound... water subsidy, agriculture subsidy, price subsidies, etc etc etc all can end up being a factored in cost of 200 dollars a pound.. it is probably higher now .. i was told of that study in 2006: life is WAAAAAY MORE expensive after fukushima.

Comment: thank dear sweet lord jesus (Score 1) 692

by cenerentolo (#43472029) Attached to: Steve Forbes: Bitcoin Not Money
that we never had this tool and member of that lucky sperm soapbox club (my favorite reaction is best said in italian: "rimasta qua" while gripping the throat... 'he remains there'... meaning he is inedible.. POISON.) I MEAN THANK THE G-D THAT I HOPE EXISTS THAT WE NEVER HAD THIS YAHOO INTELLECTUAL HEAVY LEADBALOON AS A PRESIDENT. i bet he is still claiming tax deductions from the 'charitably' administered tax exempt loan and interest repayment capital gains on his election run from last millennium pax et bonum.... st robert ''13

Comment: NICE! been wondering about this for years (Score 1) 117

by cenerentolo (#43142625) Attached to: Scientists Grow Replacement Human Teeth In Mouse Kidneys
hit in the mouth with a baseball bat at the age of 7, my left front tooth has had at least 7 or 8 replacements. the current one has been there for 17 years, there is a crack on the porcelain on one side... teeth, skin, hair, gums.... things you couldnt buy... so fracking excited that we are getting brand new teeth before i am too old to pretend i am young

Comment: "music industry" KILLS music.. MUSIC ISNT A RECorD (Score 0) 393

by cenerentolo (#43023877) Attached to: Music Industry Sees First Revenue Increase Since 1999
music is a living thing that people started to enjoy on a solitary basis starting with the recording industry.... KILLING the performer's career. the classical music world is about shaking the air.... not tricking the same memory cord in the brain over and over and over again...... music is something that is done between the audience and the performer. the "music industry" has callously and with horrid taste, molded our society, our lives, our morals and our values all the while selling us AT BEST a second rate product. a little girl in her pigtails at a piano recital is a better musician than any playback machine.. recordings are at best portraits of music.....

Comment: Re:Oh no, he's rich. But we're looking at that wro (Score 2, Insightful) 812

by cenerentolo (#42980025) Attached to: Homeland Security Stole Michael Arrington's Boat
exactly, this has newsworthiness for a few reasons, two of which i will expand upon.... IF a rich guy can be treated like this, guess what? if youre not rich, YOU ARE GONNA GET IT WORSE.... secondly, it is cause the guy is also a celeb in the geek world, so geeks care about him in the same brainspace that they will occasionally pick up something about steve job's illeg. child.

Nothing in progression can rest on its original plan. We may as well think of rocking a grown man in the cradle of an infant. -- Edmund Burke