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Comment Re:60 years later (Score 1) 212

Nothing wipes out humiliation of a country that no longer exists like going to the moon 60 years later with a rocket that - still on paper - is 1/6 as capable.

Try to be fair - it is a good exercise, if nothing else. The US moon landing was not really much more than an expensive dick waving expedition with little or no plans for the future, as events have shown. Hopefully what the Russians and Chinese intend to do will be more planned and more constructive. I mean, it makes my shudder to think that anybody travelled up there in a tin can with a computer system about as powerful as a Furby. Brave - very brave; just not all that smart.

In my view, we should start sending up robotic equipment - autonomous or remote controlled - until we can build a substantial base in which people can live for longer periods of time. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese and Russians have something like that on their minds. Hopefully they will let us join them, and then we can work together to reach Mars.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 504

there has been continuous jewish presence in the holyland for 3 millenia. they get driven out, they come back, they get massecred, they bounce back. etc. etc. they kind of like it there.

You almost sound like you want to tell us something. Do you mean that ecause the Jews have always been there, they have a right to take over? Don't get me wrong - I'm pragmatic enough to accept the status quo, but I am quite allergic to ideological and religious zealots claiming special rights based on fiction.

they didn't conquer the land, so much as, the ottoman empire imploded and that's what the winners of WW2 did with it. The jews defended whatever borders they could and i think the majority of the palestinian refugees fled voluntarily, because they thought they'd be coming back to a judenrein area, or that's what the arab world was telling them.

Heh, I see what you are doing there: trying to sneak in a suggestion, that the Palestinians are somehow a kind of Nazis, by using a German sounding word: 'judenrein'. Certain factions in Israel are practicing that sentiment very well, with the tacit approval of the Israeli government, it would appear. Whatever you say, the territory was built on conquest, taken from the Palestinians, and even now, how many years later? - you are still denying them a nation of their own. Why is that? Are the Jews somehow the master race and the goyim inferior? I think it is fair question - it is so easy to see the Jewish exclusiveness as expressing such a view. Again, I should probably repeat that I am not an anti-semite; for all I know, many of my friends and colleagues could well be Jews, I have never given it much thought. To me, each individual stands on their own merits; I assume the Jews have their fair share of both good and bad people.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 504

Thank you for correcting me on the history of things :-)

I think the gist of my considerations is still valid, though - Israel's claim to any territory has little to do with ancient history and everything to do with the fact that they have conquered the land from the Palestinians. And they stand to lose their privileged position in the world, when the balance of power shifts away from the US - something that seems increasingly likely, IMO.

Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1, Insightful) 504

You've got that spot on, I think. But first things first - as always when commenting on these issues, I'll start by stating that I am not, in any way, anti-semitic; I am not against the right of Jews to live and enjoy life and freedom just like everybody else, no matter what their religion or race. I am, however, against the state of affairs that is largely being perpetuated by the State of Israel.

The existence of modern Israel has come about based on a combination of the bad conscience of the Western powers af WWII and the myth of the lost homeland of the Jews. Yes, there was once a nation called Israel, as far as we know - but that nation was itself based on the conquest of a previous nation followed by genocide of the previous inhabitants (if we are to believe the Bible, and who would doubt the Holy Scriptures, eh? Certainly not the Jews, I would have thought). Perhaps we should go and dig out the Filistrians and reinstate them in their rightful homeland? All nations are ephemeral in nature, Israel included.

As for the role of the bad conscience of the West: however atrocious the Holocaust was, it is now part of a history that is getting ever more remote. I think we have learnt the lesson of that and many countries - Germany not least - have redeemed themselves. What happened back then should not be used as a carte blanche to excuse the present days state of Israel for any and all actions they desire to take. On the contrary, the memory of these horrors should inspire the citizens of Israel to be better than their opressors - and far better, not 'only just'. But there is a far more practical consideration: the might of the West is in decline. Soon nations like China and India, and later other nations who have no particular issue either for or against Israel, will play a role that may change the way Israel is being supported beying reason. In light of this, would it not be sensible if Israel started making friends with their neighbors? They can - but not if they allow their own religious extremists and their selfish landgrabbers to rule the country like they seem to do now.

Comment Re:Apple would reject 100% CPU app (Score 1) 403

I thought 100% CPU loops in a background application were exactly what the App Store review process was designed to prevent.

Unfortunately, first-party code doesn't go through that same process. I was thinking in particular about a recent experience with spotlight indexing when I made that snarky comment.

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 403

This. "I would buy an iPhone if it were only thinner," said no one ever.

What would make me upgrade my iPhone 6S to the iPhone 7 rather than skipping two generations and buying the iPhone 8? Give me the ability to carry my phone for a two week trip, using it the way I do now, without having to charge it.

By contrast, there's something bordering on pure insanity about the notion of taking away the headphone jack that many of us use very heavily in our cars while charging the device just so that Apple's engineers can brag about how much thinner they made a device that's already too thin to hold up to your ear without being constantly in fear of dropping it unless you put it in a case. Doubly so when you realize that it will likely mean relying more and more on software tricks to keep the battery life numbers up, while the worst-case battery life (with one of those hundred minor background daemons sitting in a tight loop using 100% of one CPU) continues to decline.

Comment Re: Airplane Mode (Score 1) 403

In the U.S., portable devices like cell phones can be used in airplane mode during takeoff and landing. Wireless headsets, however, are not allowed. So this would mean that if you plan to fly, you'll have to carry your wired headphones and an adapter. Just another reason that removing the headphone jack is an idiotic idea.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 185

are half the reason why people think that diesels are stinky

The other two halves of the reason is because burned Diesel actually does smell. An unhealthy diesel is about the worst thing you can smell on the road (marginally beaten by the smell of an unhealthy LPG engine).

"Rolling coal" isn't really a thing here in Oz but I can still smell a diesel long before I see it (or hear it, but I usually have my music up pretty loud).

Comment Re:Increase productivity?? (Score 1) 443

Only an idiot would sacrifice their mental health for a few hours of tripping.

If LSD meant 'sacrificing your mental health' then it would be stupid, agreed. Fortunately this isn't the case - I know this from experience, whereas you don't. But hey, no problem, I don't particularly need to convince you.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 225

Samsung has sold hundreds of millions of phones with OLED screens in.

Samsung manufactures OLED screens. They don't have to worry about a supplier not being able to meet demand, because they are the supplier. If they have to throw more money at it to bump up production, they will. If the yield is too low, they can make up for it by cranking up the price of OLEDs disproportionately for everyone else that they supply panels to, or by cutting off those other companies entirely.

A company buying panels from somebody else doesn't have that flexibility.

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