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Comment: Re:ssh / scp / https maybe? (Score 1) 147

by cellocgw (#48385837) Attached to: Internet Voting Hack Alters PDF Ballots In Transmission

Out of the hundreds of millions of votes cast over that past 14 years they've found less than 30 cases if in-person voting fraud which is a fraud rate of less than 0.00001%. Voter ID is just a solution looking for a problem.

If only that last sentence were true. VoterID is a solution to a major problem: getting rid of people who don't vote Republican. If you think the whole megillah was set up with actual fraud-protection in mind, you're seriously naive.

Comment: warning: nanny-state comment (Score 2) 134

Seems to me that kids who want to learn to hack around with a computer can quite well do so on their own, thank you. No need for some set of lessons, be they gov't-approved or not.

I mean, really: at the very worst, 10 minutes with a search engine, the term " introduction and tutorial for $LANGUAGE" or Stackoverflow should get anyone capable of comprehending what programming is in the first place off and running.


US School Installs 'Shooter Detection' System 693

Posted by Soulskill
from the but-new-textbooks-are-too-expensive dept.
An anonymous reader writes: A school in Methuen, Massachusetts has demonstrated the first installation of an automated detection system for active gunmen. Sensors placed throughout the building are activated by the sounds of gunfire. The sensors relay data on the shooter's real-time location directly to police, who can then track and subdue their target. The system was developed for the military to detect the location of enemy fire. It will cost school districts between $20,000 and $100,000 to equip each school with the gunfire-detecting sensors. Methuen's police chief said, "It's amazing, the short, split-second amount of time from identification of the shot to transmission of the message. It changes the whole game. Without that shot detection system, we wouldn't know what was going on in the school ... Valuable, valuable time can be lost. Unfortunately, with school crisis situations, it's about mitigating loss."

Comment: Re:Way to jump the gun (or do I mean shark?) (Score 1) 150

by cellocgw (#48302411) Attached to: SpaceShipTwo's Rocket Engine Did Not Cause Fatal Crash

I am terrified by the fact that new services almost always get really stupid things wrong like Newsweek saying that Earhart ran out of jet fuel!

Well, you do have to admit that Earhart had zero reserve margin of jet fuel. Of course, she also had sufficient jet fuel supplies onboard to support a flight around the world 100 times...

Comment: Re:You know what else that stuff can be used for (Score 2) 260

You don't really strike me as the type that knows nothing about improvised explosives.

The fact that you apparently know your way around circuit boards is icing on the cake.

And the fact that you write crappy logic like that indicates that you're both a troll and one of those people who thinks anyone who's heard of The Anarchist's Cookbook should be in jail.


New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight 144

Posted by timothy
from the my-self-esteem-has-certainly-taken-a-beating dept.
Ever thought that all those crash-test dummies getting slammed around in slow-motion were reflecting an unrealistic, hard-to-achieve body image? One company is acting to change that, with some super-sized (or right-sized) dummies more in line with current American body shapes: Plymouth, Michigan-based company Humanetics said that it has been manufacturing overweight crash test dummies to reflect growing obesity trends in the U.S. Humanetics has been the pioneer in crash test dummies segment since the 1950s. But now, the company's crash test dummies are undergoing a makeover, which will represent thicker waistlines and large rear ends of Americans.

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