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Comment Religion or politics? (Score 2, Interesting) 504

Wow I love how the OP gets called a troll just for asking if Apple's version of iOS is bloaty and mentioning that he's used Android. Then I look at the comments and everybody who agrees that its slow on older hardware is scored low, and everybody who posts that its just fine are scored up. OP this is your fault for blaspheming.

Comment Re:Customer-centric? (Score 1) 419

Self serving and customer-centric are one and the same in this case. I see nothing wrong with that, and I have nothing but respect for Microsoft doing this. They will likely be facing down some pretty serious daily fines while they wait for this to play out, at least judging from how cases like this have gone in the past. Good on them, whatever their motives.

Comment This is old news (Score 4, Insightful) 101

While MS is the company that everybody who ever liked MacOS or Linux loves to hate, it's been a long time since they've been actively hostile to open source, and they contribute quite a bit to it. Frankly it's been a long time since I've seen a good reason to dislike them any more than any other corporation in an adversarial relationship with a product I like.

Comment You'll want both standing and sitting as options. (Score 1) 347

Make sure to get a standing desk that can adjust, and yes I consider them necessary for long-hours shifts now that I've been using one. They make a huge difference in my health, both my co-workers and I have lost weight just standing a few hours a day, and much less aches and pains too. About 1/3 of our staff that has them don't use them.

Comment They already were? (Score 5, Informative) 722

They have been for a long time, along with many others who would love to get to their position in the market. Apple chases profit like all other companies, they just oft have a better UI. The first thing Jobs did when he came back to Apple was axe all the Mac-clones that were being built. The second thing they did was try their best to put all non-Apple Macintosh repair shops out of business, and then open the Apple Stores once they'd done so. They haven't changed business models, they just now have a dominant market position to leverage. Frankly I think they learned a lot of their current tactics from MS, but they've never had everybody's best interests at heart, any more than MS or anyone else did.

Comment Re:Ipod Touch + Stanza (Score 1) 684

Yeah, I'll agree on this one. The iPod Touch's DRM doesn't negatively affect Stanza, a (currently) free app for iPod/iPhone and Windows (and maybe other OSs too but I don't bother to care). You can open just about any eBook format in Stanza including text or rtf, then it shares wirelessly to your iPod in the correct format without you even having to save it as a converted file anywhere. The function is simply beautiful and effortless, and it made this iPod I was given from a poor mp3 player that can't even do ogg (I mean really c'mon now Apple can't you do anything right but UIs?) into my new killer app.

Comment Re:The only thing lamer than this verdict (Score 1) 640

Not necessarily, I liked XP and when I'm using hardware that it supports I love Linux. Consider them using joysticks and trackballs respectively :V What can I say though, I want the Mac OS on hardware that I can build myself. My preferred choice doesn't exist, I was hoping the Psystar case would make it a possibility...

Comment Re:The only thing lamer than this verdict (Score 1, Insightful) 640

If you'd like. Maybe you're trolling me, but I just don't consider them thieves. They're a couple of guys who like using the Mac OS (like I used to) on non-Mac hardware (like I used to do with my Motorola Starmax). They're do-it-yourself-ers, like a lot of people are. They take the best part of one thing (that they, in this case, paid money for), and stick it to the best part of another thing (that they, in this case, paid money for) and sold the results. This is not a bad thing. This is in the interest of the consumer (e.g. me, although I never bought one of these myself) if the consumer likes choices. They're chipping away at a monopoly, something I'm surprised is even considered the slightest bit controversial on this site.

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