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Comment: Re:ACORN? (Score 1, Interesting) 433

by ccmay (#28753859) Attached to: Computerized Election Results With No Election
George Bush narrowly defeated a dastardly plot by Democrat thugs to steal the 2000 election. And the 2004 election was not even in the same ballpark; Bush legitimately thrashed Kerry. I like to think that the spectacle of Dan Rather and his minions trying to throw the election with forged documents may have made up the margin of victory.

Comment: Re:With Handguns (Score 1) 433

by ccmay (#28753809) Attached to: Computerized Election Results With No Election
I also think that the right to bear arms is critically important on a symbolic level. A man who owns a gun is a man who can at least speculate about blowing the head off an oppressive policeman, soldier, politician, or bureaucrat. In general, this is a good thing, breeding outspoken, fearless, marginally governable citizens who are exceedingly jealous of their liberties. Having a gun behind every blade of grass makes it much more unlikely that we would ever have to resort to arms to keep our liberty. I carry a handgun wherever I go, not because I am looking for an excuse to shoot someone, nor because I am particularly fearful of crime in my neighborhood, but primarily because it is a constant reminder that I am a citizen and not a subject. This is the reason that the Swiss for centuries required men to bring their swords to public meetings. All men should go armed at all times and in all places.

Comment: Re:And it was a good rationale... (Score 1) 433

by ccmay (#28753781) Attached to: Computerized Election Results With No Election
Now the populace is armed with, at best, assault rifles, and the government is armed with tanks. ---

Tank crews have to eat, drink, and piss. That's when they get popped by the militias. Or haven't you been paying attention to Iraq and Afghanistan ?
In a general insurrection, there are enough guns in the USA to supply one to everyone physically capable of using it. Stealth bombers and tanks are useless against those kind of numbers, especially when a significant fraction of them are inclined to join the rebels.

Comment: Re:Yeah, and? (Score 0, Troll) 433

by ccmay (#28753729) Attached to: Computerized Election Results With No Election
Nothing new. USA does the same - remember 2000, and 2004?


I remember no such thing. I do remember that a thuggish Democratic plot to steal the 2000 election was foiled by the narrowest margin, and that all of the Florida newspapers investigated it and agreed that Bush won. Only the lunatic fringe think 2004 was anything but free and fair.


Comment: Re:Barack Hussein Obama supports Manuel Zelaya. (Score 0, Troll) 433

by ccmay (#28753717) Attached to: Computerized Election Results With No Election
Hillary Clinton and the rest of the State Department has concluded that the removal of Manuel Zelaya was legal and that he is a menace to democracy. However, Barack Hussein Obama disagreed. Naturally, since Clinton works for Obama, she agreed to support Zelaya.


Well then, it's clear that she's nearly as big a heap of dung as he is. The proper thing would be for her to resign and tell the nation why.

If you really work for State, the same choice may present itself to you someday.


Comment: Re:And Krugman says his bank bail out... (Score 1) 904

by ccmay (#27523957) Attached to: EFF Says Obama Warrantless Wiretap Defense Is Worse than Bush
That happened on Clinton's watch.


That wasn't all that happened on party-boy Clinton's watch. Bill Clinton and Ken Lay were golfing buddies. Any big corporate scandal you can name, from Enron to Global Crossing to Worldcom to Tyco to Adelphia, the vast majority of the crimes took place under Clinton and were prosecuted under Bush. All these fat cats were heavy contributors to Democrats and Republicans alike, but only the Bush Justice Department put them in jail.

Comment: Re:RTFS?? (Score 1) 904

by ccmay (#27523133) Attached to: EFF Says Obama Warrantless Wiretap Defense Is Worse than Bush
Don't you know? Speaking truth to power only matters when the power is on the Right. It's like the "brave, transgressive" artists who never insult any faith but Christianity. It's cheap and easy to call for the assassination or war crimes trial of the rhinoceros-skinned George Bush, or call Sarah Palin a fucking fascist cunt, or carry a sign encouraging our soldiers to mutiny, or to dunk a crucifix in urine and call it art. Some people become rich and famous in the left wing echo chamber that way, and the rest (at worst) are ignored. It's quite another matter to insult Barack Obama or question affirmative action in a university faculty meeting, or to draw a cartoon derogatory of Mohammed, piss be upon him. That can put an end to your career, or even your life.

Comment: Re:Noooo (Score 1) 377

by ccmay (#26250179) Attached to: UK Culture Secretary Wants Website Ratings, Censorship
It's the thing that got Socrates killed, really: people who really shouldn't have opinions on something, having opinions on that something. Uninformed, easily manipulated opinions. And they feel like they're experts, at the top of the world.


Oh, so the hoi polloi should just shut up and pay their taxes, because the "experts" have such a good track record in running the show, is that it? Pooh. Experts be damned.

I'm with Bill Buckley; I'd rather be governed by 100 names picked from the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard.


What the world *really* needs is a good Automatic Bicycle Sharpener.