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+ - Apple Offers No Solution for iPhone 4S Wifi Breakdowns

Submitted by crywalt
crywalt (2426042) writes "It seems that thousands of iPhone 4S owners around the world have encountered a problem where their phone can no longer connect to any wifi. They find their wifi options grayed out in the phone's settings. This has been going on since at least last September as owners upgraded to iOS 7; the current hypotheses are that iOS 7 either overheats the Broadcom wifi chip or uncovers some hitherto unknown bug in the chip. Apple's response to the many comments in their support community and elsewhere is to list some possible software fixes which don't help many people and basically amount to "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Most owners report this is occurring with phones slightly older than the one year warranty — a perfect storm considering the age of the 4S and the iOS 7 update which is breaking them. Most users report both Apple and their carriers are essentially telling them to buy a new phone. Taking matters into their own hands some DIY owners are going to extremes to fix their phones, including heating them with hair dryers and then sticking them in the freezer. There's a petition with a paltry number of signatures on it; one wonders how long it will take before Apple addresses this problem."

Comment: Re: Google vs. ST:TNG computer (Score 1) 129

Just ask Wil Wheaton if the internet existed when TNG was on the air. Poor guy had to put up with all manner of abuse in alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die . We may only have had usenet, gopher, ftp, and archie, but we got by.
And Wil - if you are reading this, I never posted in a.w.c.d.d.d , but did laugh at stuff read out. Sorry about that.

Comment: Re:Divide? (Score 1, Interesting) 249

by ccandreva (#38540308) Attached to: New Group Paves Way For 2012 Online Primary

I would love to know what the people who see no 'cavernous ideological divide' are looking for, that the parties look the same to them.

The last 40 or so years have seen some significant shifts. The Democrats have been taken over by those looking for European style socialism. In attempts at moderation, the Republicans lost their focus on small federal government and states rights. Each compromise takes us down the progressive path, so yes you end up with these silly bailouts. There is now a resurgance of Republicans who have had enough and are trying to push back to their small-government roots.

No divide ? One side things the government should provide for everyone, the other that people should provide for themselves. What are you looking for ?

Comment: Re:Hope the U.S. stages in charge. (Score 1) 155

by ccandreva (#37539272) Attached to: Global Internet Governance Fight Looms

The problem is that the US doesn't mind taking down foreign sites that use .org, .com or .net TLDs on the grounds of alleged copyright infringement etc with no legal recourse available. People on Slashdot often point out that some countries consider large parts of the net to be illegal because they show women no wearing full face veils etc. but apparently then it violates a US law it's okay.

The fact that the US controls all TLDs is unacceptable to many people.

Our of curiosity, if it was so acceptable, then why did you all connect to our Internet in the first place ?

I mean, if I go to someone's party, and I don't like the music they play, I leave. I don't bitch and moan they should play what I like.

"Most of us, when all is said and done, like what we like and make up reasons for it afterwards." -- Soren F. Petersen