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Comment Is there anyone left on /. (Score 1) 79

who doesn't think H1-B hurts them? Oh, and doesn't have a sweet gov't job (either directly or because they served in the Military & work for a defense contractor now).

I'm curious. Not too long ago when a story like this hit all the posts chimed in about how they'd just leave and go to another better paying company that doesn't do this stuff. Nobody thought it would even catch up with them and they all thought they were irreplaceable. Me being me I knew sooner or later they'd get around to everybody except a few MIT geniuses (who have better things to do than bitch on /.).

Basically, I think the /. crowd has finally realized their in real trouble here. We're all in the same stop the blue collar guys were in the 80s when manufacturing went overseas. What I'm wondering is if we're gonna do anything about it? Or are we gonna roll over and play dead like the blues did.

Comment Drat, that won't work (Score 1) 79

it might give us a few years of relief, but it won't work in the long run. You could make the base pay 8x the going rate for a tech and it wouldn't help because sooner or later Sanders will be out of office and the "going rate" will be defined as whatever it takes to get around the rules. It's like Wargames. The only way to win is not to play.

Comment There is no left (Score 2) 79

The owner class is hard, hard right. Like Robber baron grade hard right. The workers are left on social issues, but a lot are still hard right on the economy.

That's sort of the problem. There are lots of folks who are left wing socially (pro-gun control, pro-gay rights, pro-choice, etc) but get real right wing real fast when they think they're taxes are going up. Our Media is left wing on social issues but hard right on economics. Free Trade, Trickle Down economics and Austerity are practically gospel in American media.

Part of the problem is folks look at just about every expense that isn't food as taxes. I've caught lots of folks doing it. Insurance? Tax. Phone Bill? Tax. etc, etc. The other problem is that after the Iraqi War Americans aren't seeing good returns on their taxes. Literally Trillions of wealth was just handed to a lucky few in exchange for nothing. We've let large scale corruption slide for so long that folks have lost confidence in the gov't. They've also forgotten what America was like before the Feds stepped in and started preventing super fund sites from happening (Flint Michigan Water Supply anyone?).

The other problem is Bill Clinton. He moved the country hard right so he could forge an alliance to get into the prez office. Again, left on social issues hard right on the economy. Trump brought up Tariffs but made it a point not to use the "T" word. What's funny is watching all the folks out there who know something is wrong but can't figure out what to do about it pushing Trump and Sanders up in the polls. It's gonna be funnier when Rubio or Bush gets the election despite popular vote thanks to hard right stuff like Citizens United.

Oh, and the colleges have been moving hard right too. Where do you think those $10,000/semester tuition bills came from?

Comment Actually it's basically under a mattress (Score 1) 67

It's all sitting in banks doing nothing. World Poverty has fallen not due to investment but due to massive improvements in food growing & distribution tech... most of which was funded the gov't... and by laws and subsidies that keep food prices down.. again gov't. Venezuela was doing just fine thank you until the Saudi's decided to dump oil on the market. They're struggling like every oil nation now. They're struggle is a little more obvious because unlike the Suadis they don't just abondon their lower class at the first sign of trouble.

Comment Re:Loss of Couch CoOp (Score 1) 43

The last POS I bought was Destiny. CoD, Resistance 3, Crisis, MoH, etc are ok games. But I just can't get the feeling out of my head that I had more fun 8 years ago. The last fun games I played were Lost Planet 2, Army of Two, and Gears of War.

I just replayed LP2 on PC because it was recently on sale, holy crap it's so much nicer playing with a mouse and keyboard, shock amazement. As it turns out, LP3 is pretty good too. Not as good as you would have expected a sequel to LP2 to be, but the production value is very very high.

Comment Re:Wating for the Day (Score 1) 98

Wayland developers (at least one of them) push it as far superior as X by spreading FUD about X

Using the new "gedit" startup time as evidence that X is slow instead of that gnome3 is slow is a shining example - if it was the fault of X then the older "gedit" that starts extremely quickly would not be so quick.

Mr Stone has publicly held up screenshots of Rasterman's Enlightenment v0.16 as items of ridicule to demonstrate how X has so many features he thinks it should not need. I doubt that went down well since Enlightenment was one of the first projects to offer Wayland support.

Comment Re:Wating for the Day (Score 1) 98

Rubbish - extensions were put in as a mechanism so that it could age well.
Also how is a dumb framebuffer and asking others to do compositors to work with it "new"? It's video game console and MSDOS territory.
The Wayland developers don't push it as new they push it as more simple. Please try to keep up with the topic you are a fan of.

Comment Re:God Damn It, Anne Frank (Score 1) 147

Not quite so, there was a guy that became a US Senator for California (up until around 1970) who was sued for copyright violations by Hitler before Pearl Harbour.
However the court action may have been to stop his efforts at showing with Hitler's own words that the Time "Man of the Year" was not so nice a guy as so many were saying. Also funny how being anti-fascist even after the war started in Europe was painted as "unAmerican" later on.

Guys, please don't reply with a D vs R shitfight since McCarthy and a few others were a cancer out for themselves with little or no respect for the party they were in.

Comment Re:Calder v. Bull (1798) (Score 1) 147

The geek remains ignorant of the most fundamental distinctions between civil and criminal law.

The copyright lobby is pushing very hard to get criminal law to do their dirty work and the taxpayers to pay for it so that's not unusual. Those stupid advertisements about copyright violation have been deliberately blurring the line for years.

Comment Re:1976 Copyright Act (Score 1) 147

Which is one reason why there is so much effort to get copyright violations treated as criminal matters. We've even seen paramilitary responses over copyright violations with DVD-Jon, Kim Dotcom and others - it's ridiculous especially in the first case. What was DVD-Jon going to do, throw his schoolbag at someone turning up to serve a summons?

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