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Comment: Re:kessel run (Score 1) 77 77

Isn't Jurassic actually the period BEFORE dinosaurs ruled the earth, and therefore the movie should've been called "Cretaceous Park"?

No. Dinosaurs ruled during the Cretaceous and the Jurassic (and the Triassic, depending on your definitions), and some of the famous dinosaurs (e.g. Stegosaurus) were extinct by the beginning of the Cretaceous.

Comment: Re:Haven't seen that here - anything on SO? Repro? (Score 1) 6 6

Not sure I can duplicate, due to the other strangeness I'm dealing with (It's a cross-database query and the other database doesn't have a primary key, just sets of fields with unique constraints). It may have also been a Select Distinct that I thought I had applied but didn't; the one row that was duplicating did have two in the parent table.

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Journal: Strange SQL Server 2014 behavior 6 6

I have a Select Statement that returns 4 rows. When used in a stored procedure as input to an Insert Into, though, it was returning five rows. I commented out SET NOCOUNT ON; which is added by the SQL 2014 template. It then returned 4 rows. To test that was what was really going on, I uncommented out SET NOCOUNT ON; and it is now returning 4 rows properly.

I made no other changes.

Anybody else ever run into anything like this??

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