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Comment Good sales push (Score 2) 282

I've cached for a number of years, and learned the benefits of having a quick chat with local businesses before planting full-on urban caches. Not only could it put them at ease, but it's also another group of people that would be "in the know" should someone unfamiliar with the sport panic about it.

The main thing that I found was that, in nearly all cases, local businesses were thrilled with the idea of a dedicated group of people actively travelling to an area near to their business! Many went so far as to pass a few coupons along to hide in the cache, or offer a 'cacher discount' if people mentioned the cache when paying up at the counter.


Warhammer Online Users Repeatedly Overbilled 216

TheSpoom writes "A screw-up in EA's Warhammer Online billing system has resulted in many players being charged upwards of 22 times for a one-month subscription, filling bank accounts with overdraft fees and the Warhammer forums with very angry players, who are discussing the issue quite vocally. EA has said that refunds are in progress and that '[they] anticipate that once the charges have been reversed, any fees that have been incurred should be refunded as well.' They haven't specifically promised to refund overdraft charges, only to ask customers' banks to refund them once the actual charges are refunded. They seem to be assuming banks will have no problem with this."

Comment Re:Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center (Score 1) 435

Absolutely agree - you can also hitch a bus that takes you on a driving tour around the grounds of the nearby AMARG (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group) which is absolutely astounding just for the sheer number of planes they have resting on the grounds. Don't take my word for it either - have a look at them in google maps.

Comment Re:Still applies to non-citizens (Score 1) 201

Yup - exactly the boat I'm in. I'm Canadian, and have been living in the UK for the past four years and will have to travel to one of the (very few) biometrics offices and pay an outlandish fee for the privilege when my visa comes up for renewal. They've slowed down the pushing of mandatory cards on citizens, but have no issue in trialling them on the rest of us - including foreign students, I believe.

Comment Smart Bookmarks (Score 1) 381

Admitting freely that I haven't RTFA, I'll ask all the same...
Does Chrome now support Firefox-style smart bookmarks with keyword support? Currently, that's really the only thing keeping me tied to FF.

As a simple example - I keep a bookmark to in Firefox that I associate with a keyword 'd' which can be used to open the page directly from the address bar. The bookmark's URL definition inclues a '%s' to allow it to pick up additional parameters. The end result is that I only need to type 'd myWord' into the address bar to be taken directly to the specific page I was looking for, instead of having to first navigate to the top-level URL and kick off the search from there.

I have similar links for imdb, wikipedia, google maps... it's really convenient to skip those introductory pages.

Comment Tex! (Score 1) 131

For me, the perfect example of narration as a means of effective and immersive storytelling has to go back to the old Tex Murphy games - Under a Killing Moon, Pandora Directive & Overseer. The storylines were spectacular to begin with, but the ever-present narrator set the mood perfectly. (Another reason for their success could probably be attributed to the excellent quality of the sound production in all of their games.)

...and, purely as a rabid fan of the work the 'Tex' creators, I can't resist a chance to pitch their latest - Three Cards to Midnight was released just a few hours ago. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but it sounds as though they've stuck to their trusted method of immersive story-driven gameplay and quality audio production. Can't wait!

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