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Comment: Better idea: Think VAR/Dealership vs. Tesla sales? (Score 1) 287 287

One industry that died with direct PC sales (Yes, you Mikey Dell) was the entire Value Added Reseller industry. There are a few still around, but the serried ranks of 'experts' went poof. This can be equated with the attempts to bypass the Auto Dealership model by Tesla.

I encourage this. The idea that consumers are too stupid to buy cars without expert assistance is as dumb as the idea that consumers needed help to buy complicated computers.

Comment: Re:wha? (Score 4, Informative) 65 65

Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte (Systems, Applications, and Products).

Basically it's one of the two the largest Enterprise Resource Planning software companies in the world. Oracle is the other one. And since most SAP systems are run inside a highly protected corporate network, the self-promoting hysteria from this article is so much bullcrap.

Comment: Re:No they don't (Score 2) 226 226

Since anti satellite technology is quite mature and tested, anyone who thinks that such a system would not have the equivalent of a few dozen nuclear shotguns permanently parked near it is... clueless. Of course the effect of having to destroy that would effectively make Earth orbit a no-go zone for decades until someone started sending up sweeper robots.


Billionaire Teams Up With NASA To Mine the Moon 214 214

schwit1 writes: Moon Express, a Mountain View, California-based company that's aiming to send the first commercial robotic spacecraft to the moon next year, just took another step closer toward that lofty goal. Earlier this year, it became the first company to successfully test a prototype of a lunar lander at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The success of this test—and a series of others that will take place later this year—paves the way for Moon Express to send its lander to the moon in 2016. Moon Express conducted its tests with the support of NASA engineers, who are sharing with the company their deep well of lunar know-how. The NASA lunar initiative—known as Catalyst—is designed to spur new commercial U.S. capabilities to reach the moon and tap into its considerable resources.

Comment: Re: Add noise (Score 3, Interesting) 86 86

Properly shielded equipment uses different methods to 'break the cage'. It's been many decades, but some of the heavily shielded designs I did in the 80's involved opto-isolators. Yes, that's right. Want to avoid radiating information ? Use light.

Keep in mind that the structure of the faraday cage depends on the frequency of the data being transmitted. It does not have to be unbreakable tin foil. Properly sized metal mesh will also do the job. Just ask anyone who tries to get a Wifi signal through an old wall with expanded metal lath and plaster.

Comment: Re:Add noise (Score 1, Informative) 86 86

Yep. Ditto. I still recall one young smartass demonstrating to our boss that he could display what was on the Boss's computer monitor from about 30 feet away with an antenna and a circuit he built with a breadboard.

A faraday cage IS the only way to protect against this with 100% reliability.

Comment: Misleading- Good will is common accounting (Score 5, Interesting) 255 255

The implied assumption in the article and in the commentary indicates a deliberate misdirection or a simple understanding of the accounting principles involved in how a business accounts for a BAD DECISION. Every business has the ability to use this 'loophole'. But it's not a 'loophole'. It's a simple recognition that a capital purchase that turns out to not be a good deal should have the loss (cost of the purchase price minus the fair market value of the asset) amortized over the book life of the asset against the income produced by the asset.

Kids, this is basic accounting 301 (Intermediate management accounting). Most accountants will tell you that having good will on your books means you made a dumb decision at some point, and paid more than something was worth. The title SHOULD read:

"Ballmer pays twice what Basketball team is worse, can't write it off immediately, has to wait 15 years."

Comment: Glad to see you use the term 'assemble' (Score 4, Interesting) 391 391

Because I BUILT my first personal computer in 1976. This involved individual IC's, a wire wrap board, making my own PC boards for power and display, lots of soldering, switches to load and store programs, and LED's. 6502 processor and 1,000 bits of RAM, baby ! I mock anyone who thinks that plugging in a few parts is 'building a computer'.

Comment: Do this (My solution) (Score 3, Interesting) 208 208

I keep an encrypted online database of my passwords. Sort of. I use a 'modular' password. One word is different, the other is always the same. So in my will I have the same word (and it's l33t combinations) written down, along with the address of the database. So anyone dealing after my death will know ALL my codes. My wife of 30+ years also keeps a copy of it, and knows the super secret codes.

I started this after being in a coma, and my wife having to deal with my PDA bleeping about meetings to her until the battery died. Which made her cry even more.

Comment: Re:Ideas (Score 2) 195 195

Good approach. Making a mortal enemy of the outgoing sysop, or simply his object of scorn, will screw you badly.

Other than to say "you're screwed", the big step is to also ramp up the professionalism and start building a better system governance policy and documentation process. The best way to explain that to management is to ask "Do you fail the Hit By a Bus Test? ".... If your key administrators are hit by a bus, will your systems go dark ?


Lenovo Announces Grand Opening of US Manufacturing Facility 153 153

Kohenkatz writes "Chinese PC maker Lenovo had a ceremony [Wednesday] to mark the official grand opening of their new manufacturing facility in Whitsett, North Carolina. The 240,000-square-foot facility, located approximately 10 miles east of Greensboro, NC, was already being used as a Logistics Center, Customer Solutions Center, and National Returns Center, and is now also being used for Production. While actual line operations began in January 2013, the facility is on track to reach full operation by the end of June. The facility is equipped to build several types of Think-branded products, including desktops, tablets, and ultrabooks. Note that due to the extensive use of automation, the factory only adds 115 manufacturing jobs at the facility."

Comment: I would toss the whole Laptop paradigm (Score 1) 591 591

A stylish wearable using 'cloud' functionality for processsing and storage, with haptic and voice input, and visual / voice output with beyond retina image quality that is projected into both eyes in a maskable area while using optical comparison to detect the ability of my eye to see it (avoiding bifocals, etc..) and projecting what Is actually in front of me based on eye position so I don't fall on my butt.

Comment: So desperately right handed it diagnosed injury (Score 1) 260 260

I'm so right hand dominant that, when I shattered my right arm, my wife was the first to notice it (docs in the ER did not... I had a traumatic brain injury and in a coma... you do the fatality inducing stuff first). I was flailing around with my left hand only. They pooh poohed it. She said "You don't understand. He's so right handed that you could cut his left hand off and he wouldn't notice for hours and hours.) .

Comment: Re:A wider color spectrum... (Score 1) 456 456

Agreed, but I'd go for full E and B field senses... and the neural net to be able to understand intercepted brain waves from other devices and creatures around me.

Sense of smell is somewhat over-rated. I lost mine for almost a decade, and haven't really gotten much of it back. Smell is a warning sense (Don't eat that ! Mate with her !) , not a critical information processing sense. Which is why the simpler part of the brain handles it.

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