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+ - Obesity: Its Cause and Cure-> 2 2

cbarcus writes: "Obesity is among our most serious health problems, but is there a cure? This recent story from ABC News states that despite all of our efforts at tackling this problem, it continues to get worse.

Science writer Gary Taubes began exploring the science of nutrition some ten years ago, and his research culminated in his book Good Calories, Bad Calories (published in 2007). His conclusions are stunning, and have appeared on Slashdot before, but for those who missed it, here's his historic lecture at Berkeley:

Considering that our society has been digging itself further and further into the pit of debt, and social services have become vulnerable to budget cuts, could the current malnutrition crisis also be related? Are all of these problems related to the energy crisis? If they are, should we join the Thorium Race (the international competition to develop a commercial thorium-based molten salt reactor) in an attempt to solve these problems?"

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