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by cb88 (#47380599) Attached to: NSA Considers Linux Journal Readers, Tor (And Linux?) Users "Extremists"
Yeah,I agree... But at the same time also think that the things that may the USA truly great may still stand a chance. I mean the things you list are side effects of "America" .. the freedom and liberty enjoyed for the last 15-20 coon ages is what has made the country great. Sure we have our rough spots but people eventually come around and remember what being American is all about.... adversity fosters it!

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by cb88 (#47180811) Attached to: Intel Confronts a Big Mobile Challenge: Native Compatibility
The "superiority" of X86 had nothing to do with the demise/back burnering of other architectures.

Just about every processor arch has been maimed by confrontation on a marketing front... Alpha, Sparc, Power, Arm.... the ones that have survived have regulated themselves to niche markets (in the case of ARM a really really big niche) so they don't have to do battle with Intel and AMDs marketing and established user base.

I don't know about the rest but Sparc has backward compatibility that rivals Intel's as well as good performance.

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by cb88 (#47176281) Attached to: AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming
If you use data at all on your device even with marginal usage otherwise like me... (I go through 500Mb every few days) then Ting is not for you.... so I'll stick with the $50 tmobile "unlimited plan"

Apparently I'm part of the 2% .... :/ some people have pointed out rebublic cellular to me as well but the gottcha there is that you have to use a provided phone and you can't tether at all ever.

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by cb88 (#47174245) Attached to: AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming
The free data roaming only applies to contract plans... the month to month pre payed plans do not count!

I learned this the hardware on a trip to Brazil... I think texts were 25 cent each and like $2 a min calling or something like that. That said T-mobile is the one of the best value plans around... and I have noticed the HSPA coverage is improving in my area (Charlotte/Gastonia,NC).

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by cb88 (#47141133) Attached to: OpenPandora Design Files Released
It is a Linux Handheld... if it runs on Arm Linux you can run it on this.

A friend of mine has one.. and it seems to perform decently. The biggest thing is the controllers which make it a clear winner over a phone for gaming. There are native games as well as emulators. You can also run chat programs etc.. nearly anything you could run on a desktop with 512Mb ram.

Comment: Never heard of Allwinner!?! (Score 5, Insightful) 182

Allwinner is the king of tablets ...

The Cubieboard is also a popular RPi alternative with faster CPU (and sweet sweet SATA :D ) and such for similar price.

In my opinion Allwinner is more credible than HP these days since they actually seem to believe in their own market... whereas HP is practically at the point of execs jumping out of windows (Or the modern equivalent of selling the company out for peanuts).

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by cb88 (#47026401) Attached to: Biggest Dinosaur Yet Discovered
It isn't specific to any single group of paleontologists. The theory is that scientists like to name dinosaurs, so whenever they find one that looks a bit different they make up a new name rather than trying to figure out if it is just another development stage of a previously discovered dinosaur. This is perfectly understandable taking human nature into consideration.

There is a TED talk by Jack Horner that covers the topic.

Jack explains how he has proven than many differently named dinosaurs are acutally the same ... he also explains a bit of the thoght process that causes this to happen.

+ - Google Buys Drone Maker Titan Aerospace-> 1

Submitted by garymortimer
garymortimer (1882326) writes "Google has acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Titan is a New Mexico-based company that makes high-flying solar powered drones.

There’s no word on the price Google paid, but Facebook had been in talks to acquire the company earlier this year for a reported $60 million. Presumably, Google paid more than that to keep it away from Facebook."

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+ - New bill on illegal downloads in Canada let companies exchange personal info->

Submitted by grumpyman
grumpyman (849537) writes "New bill to crack down on illegal downloads in Canada allow private companies to exchange personal information with other companies if they believe there has been a breach of agreement, or a case of fraud. I copyright this message and therefore if you are reading it, you have broken the law. I demand that your ISP to provide me your name and address so I can launch a suit."
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+ - Babies use fairness and race to choose playmate->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A couple of years ago a University of Washington researcher who studies how children develop social behaviors like kindness and generosity noticed something odd. The 15-month-old infants in her experiments seemed to be playing favorites among the researchers on her team, being more inclined to share toys or play with some researchers than others.

“It’s not like one experimenter was nicer or friendlier to the babies – we control for factors like that,” said Jessica Sommerville, a UW associate professor of psychology. She took a closer look at the data and realized that the babies were more likely to help researchers who shared the same ethnicity, a phenomenon known as in-group bias, or favoring people who have the same characteristics as oneself.

She designed an experiment to study this. The findings, published in the online journal Frontiers in Psychology, show that 15-month-old babies value a person’s fairness – whether or not an experimenter equally distributes toys – unless babies see that the experimenter unevenly distributed toys in a way that benefits a person of the same race as the infant."

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