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Comment: Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 1) 239 239

I have a 60 something year old aunt... she uses Yahoo mail.... every few months I get a call from her about not being able to figure out how to get the mail client into the right 3 pane view. She used to be a telephone operator up until the 90's can can follow instructions well... but when there is so much on the screen it can be very hard to process it all to even find what she is looking for when she knows what it is... and just can't place WHERE it is in the UI.

These calls mostly occur when a) browser changes due to upgrading itself, b) AT&T/yahoo decides to tweak their UI to fit in more ads c) random computer problem that is just making it not work well and frustrating to use.

I look forward to the developments Andy Tanenbaum is making to help with the random computer problems though fault tolerance and smarter recovery.. but a) and b) are real problems too.

Comment: big brother... (Score 2) 171 171

Someone I know was tasked with catching people at work watching porn. So.. they screen grabbed everyone occasionally and checked manually. That got tedious so an algorithm was scripted to scan the photos for slightly darker circles within larger circles (breasts).... the person that wrote that code no longer has a job there because they just run the program and don't need to manually check X.x

It doesn't have to catch every concurrence of course.. just enough to flag culprits with few false positives. Also, don't code yourself out of a job!

Thing here has really high false positives, most of the time it flags faces as nude.

Comment: Re:Staked GPU / RAM = Reduced Heat Tranfer Eficien (Score 2) 66 66

They aren't stacked directly on top they are stacked to the side of the GPU .... sort of like how intel puts a GPU on the same processor package beside it's CPU ... just in this case there is an interposer that allows a much more massive number of interconnects than previously practical.

It probably makes things easier to cool than before since the memory now gets cooling it would not have previously gotten... and Memory is really the most important part of the GPU.

Comment: Re:The SystemD marketing rolls on... (Score 2) 300 300

Acutally a bunch of Arch users left... when systemd was rolled out alot went to Gentoo a derivative of it as it seems to be one of the last holdouts against systemd. Gentoo is about choice though and there are alot of people running systemd even on Gentoo. and friends.

Comment: Re:Two million lines of code (Score 1) 160 160

One thing to keep in mind is that ADA is super verbose... much like its cousin VHDL.

Mainly to aid in compile time detection of errors... I've never programmed in ADA but a little VHDL in school and it looks very familiar.

And let me tell you... VHDL has the potential to be extremely verbose (behavioral models help as do other new features.. but thats off topic realy).

Comment: Re:not just them (Score 2) 44 44

Costly batteries are only a problem when you want batteries that are lightweight and high capacity for vehicles... Potassium Hydroxide batteries (among others) already solve the low cost solar storage problem for fixed high reliability installations.

The only thing stopping people from switching to solar is themselves... its not even that expensive anymore relative to the cost of a new house.

Comment: Re:Tank Armor (Score 1) 106 106

Eh... I want to read the sequels to Count to a Trillion. Its a pretty far out there SciFi but it read quickly and kept me interested.

One of my favorite SciFi novels is The Excalibur Alternative which happens to be a free baen ebook... I want a sequel to that so bad.

Ender's game was pretty entertaining as well but I don't really have any desire to read the shadow series of it.... since it occurs chronologically at the same time as the rest of the stories I just feel it is rather pointless though I could be wrong.

Well, I hope you recover from nonfinishitis soon.. and whatever you do do not read the Hot Zone (This is the one that triggered ny nonfinishitis).

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