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Comment Re: Webassembly means... (Score 2) 175 175

Javascript targets two platforms in practice... x86 variants, and Arm variants. Anything other than that and you are out of luck be it PCC, Sparc, SH, 68k, AVR, PCI whatever.... At least with webassembly there is hope that anything LLVM can target webassembly will be able to target with minimal effort.

Comment Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 1) 288 288

I would but... she has already been using yahoo mail since forever... so the occasional phone call or stop by her house isn't so bad. If I switched her over to a mail client I would have to maintain that in addition to her browser which is basically all I have to make sure keeps working at this point.

Comment Re:pardon my french, but "duh" (Score 1) 288 288

I have a 60 something year old aunt... she uses Yahoo mail.... every few months I get a call from her about not being able to figure out how to get the mail client into the right 3 pane view. She used to be a telephone operator up until the 90's can can follow instructions well... but when there is so much on the screen it can be very hard to process it all to even find what she is looking for when she knows what it is... and just can't place WHERE it is in the UI.

These calls mostly occur when a) browser changes due to upgrading itself, b) AT&T/yahoo decides to tweak their UI to fit in more ads c) random computer problem that is just making it not work well and frustrating to use.

I look forward to the developments Andy Tanenbaum is making to help with the random computer problems though fault tolerance and smarter recovery.. but a) and b) are real problems too.

Comment big brother... (Score 2) 172 172

Someone I know was tasked with catching people at work watching porn. So.. they screen grabbed everyone occasionally and checked manually. That got tedious so an algorithm was scripted to scan the photos for slightly darker circles within larger circles (breasts).... the person that wrote that code no longer has a job there because they just run the program and don't need to manually check X.x

It doesn't have to catch every concurrence of course.. just enough to flag culprits with few false positives. Also, don't code yourself out of a job!

Thing here has really high false positives, most of the time it flags faces as nude.

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