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Comment Re:no fiji under $500? (Score 3, Interesting) 60

Specifically it means it leaks less current.. especially when ran at a lower voltage.

The Fury X and Pro chips may or may not run at the voltage these chips do and they'll probably leak more current even when they do.

In short... this is a higher efficiency chip. Most likely it would be able to clock higher than Fury X or Pro chips due to less leakage as well given appropriate cooling.

Comment Predictions about the future of firefox (Score 1) 192

Often things get worse before they get better.... were I the CEO of Mozilla this is the vision for the browser that I would have. Electrolisys is one example... something that needs to happen for the browser to advance but also negatively affects the rendering engine. But that is ok because the rendering engine is on it's last leg as is the extension model.

Future firefox will be a blank slate, with a UI rendered almost if not entirely in HTML and portable webassembly. That means that the chrome extension model is MORE powerful than even on chrome as unlike chrome Firefox is most likely going to use an HTML based UI rather than a native one. The evidence for this is pretty clear... if they aren't going to use XUL and XPCOM what would be the point in replacing it with more of the same?

Also I would take advantage of another technology that is converging with these engine and UI refactorizations. And that is WebAssembly... I wouldn't bother with making javascript any faster because that is already reaching diminishing returns. I'd just write the entire thing in rust and build the parts of the UI that provide the most advantage to extension developers would be distributed as webassembly. That way you can use whatever language you want to write extensions, and modify nearly all the user interface as long as there is a compiler from your language of choice to webassembly.

We'd almost certainly have extensions written in Lua, ruby and who knows what else... people that wanted thier extensions to be robust could write them in rust the same language as the engine itself.... and it would get optimised down from webassembly into native code. To me that sounds like like ti would have WIN-WIN for all developers and users of mozilla tech.

Comment Re:Don't worry! (Score 1) 417

If you want these people to listen... you can't be a liar. Just because they won't listen to Al Gore or any of the other liars in office does not preclude that they won't listen to anyone. Presuming that the voter is stupid is like shooting yourself in the foot because it itches.

The face is no one wants their local lakes and rivers to be toxic! I'd bet a lot of the people that ridicule Al Gore and his ilk love fishing... and going to pristine beaches and riverboat rides etc etc... ocean fishing and eating the fruit of the sea. What hurts that to some degree is they level of annoyance caused by the EPA and measures that have dubious effect across a various industries from farming to manufacturing. While at the same time allowing travestys like the Animas River which is now full of freakin' heavy metals!!!

The fact is if there were a Donald Trump like figure going after water pollution just like he is immigration they'd probably have to battle it out at the polls!

Comment Re:Small? (Score 1) 86

I'm about an hour from downtown Charlotte, NC. And we just got 300Mbps cable from TWC... I'm on the 50Mbps/5Mbps plan but its still nice and was actually a free upgrade... I can't remember that happening here in the USA since forever. Latency occasionally gets terrible (100ms more than it should be) for some reason possibly my LAN but I doubt it.

Now... free speed upgrades were pretty commonplace when I lived in MG, Brazil but they were still poking along at around 3Mbps in 2005 even in a city with 120k people.

Currently Ubiquity long range wifi based internet is extremely popular there In Brazil... and cheap. You usually have to pay extra for a static IP though.... otherwise they set the antenna up as a router which is rather annoying since it makes dyndns etc a no go.

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