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Submission + - Gender gap in tech salaries is all gone, Dice reports (

bobwrit writes: "The field of IT is notorious for being persistently male-dominated, but that doesn't mean women still suffer from a gender gap when it comes to pay.

In fact, the compensation gender gap has disappeared for tech workers, according to the latest salary survey from IT careers site Dice. Specifically, ever since 2009, average salaries have been equivalent for male and female tech professionals, the company reported on Tuesday — as long as you're comparing equal levels of experience and education and parallel job titles."

Comment Re:IP greater than 255 a good idea ... (Score 1) 1200

Actually that is intentional and well thought out. It prevents people from typing in that IP and trying to do something. When real phone numbers appeared on TV or in songs it was quite annoying for the person whose number that was. They are just trying to avoid similar inconveniences.

Why not just use private network IP addresses then? It's not like there aren't thousands to choose from. Most of the general public probably wouldn't know the difference, making it much more "realistic."

Comment Re:eh? (Score 1) 395

they played a lame censored version of Jet Airliner, with the words "funky shit" changed to "funky Stuff"

There's a radio edit of that song with the line changed to 'funky kicks.' As far as I know, Miller recorded it that way.

What's surprising is that when Money for Nothing came out, MTV did not censor the part about the 'little faggot with the earring and the makeup' which did create quite a stir


Alternatives to Daylight Saving Time? 755

Wellington Grey writes "Daylight saving time almost upon us. The arguments about its possible benefits and drawbacks come up twice every year. Does it save energy or lives? Possibly, but it does definitely cause a great deal of inconvenience. My question is this: what do you think would be the best possible system to replace DST with? What is the best way for humans to deal with the inconsistent amount of light over the year and still foster coordination over disparate time zones?"

Submission + - Shareholder revolt may force sale of Take-Two

BigVig209 writes: "The New York Times reports a shareholder uprising might force Take-Two to sell the company.

From the article: Take-Two Interactive Software, the video game publisher whose marketplace impact has been overshadowed by its corporate upheaval, said yesterday that it was weighing options including a possible sale of the company, prompting a surge in its stock price."

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