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Comment Re:The new version is terrible! (Score 1) 222 222

I am so much agreeing with your post it hurts. If only I had mod points.

Please, someone at google, read the parent's post, and do something about it. Classic maps is a tremendously useful tool, used almost daily by me and most of my peers. The new maps are a turd, and will have me look for an alternative.

Comment German cars (Score 5, Informative) 525 525

Have you compared the average car in Germany with the ones in the USA? Furthermore, in Germany there are mandatory periodic technical inspections, and these are no joke. Half the cars I see in the USA would never pass these inspections. Also, getting a driver license in Germany is HARD, and the average Autobahn driver is very well disciplined compared to his USA counterpart (exceptions exist, I know I know...)

Comment Re:Probably saved more lives with jamming (Score 1) 427 427

- A passenger is able to recognize when traffic is challenging and stop talking.

You haven't met my wife, who does the exact opposite: When traffic is dense and difficult, I tend to focus more on the road than on what she is babbling about, which causes her to become mad with me, making the whole situation even more challenging.

Comment Re:Already gone to Linux Mint Cinnamon... (Score 2) 245 245

Yes I did the same for my parents, who were stressed about doing stuff like online banking on an XP machine after support ended. Installation was a breeze, everything looked perfect, amazing OS. It put itself nicely next to the existing XP installation, just in case they really didn't like it. Good to go, but...

Then the little annoyances started: Caps lock doesn't behave like it should (not a US qwerty keyboard), everything is a mix between English and our local language, the included firefox doesn't play nice with the online banking website, and so on. I know that each of these problems is easily resolved by someone that knows a little bit what they are doing, and some google skills (set up capslock behavior, learn to deal with English, included firefox version has known issues with some extensions, etc...). But for people that never even heard of linux before, that use it only for "where do I click for my online bank, and the internet?", this is a nightmare. Ever tried to apt-get somthing over the phone with people that don't even understand why every command has to be typed just right?

Long story short, they still use XP. Next time I am over, I can try to get everything set up right, but for a first user experience, this is very unfortunately a bad experience.

TLDR: Linux, why you always have stupid small problems and shoot yourself in the foot?

Comment So all the crap stays in the US? (Score 1) 247 247

If we can only export refined oil, it means we have to refine it on US soil. This is a dirty business, producing loads of crap you don't want in your environment. This ban forces us to destroy our own environment, while exporting the goodies that come out of it. This doesn't seem long-term smart.

Comment Re:slashdot: idle speculation for ignorant morons (Score 2) 337 337

Exactly. In the Netherlands and Belgium, there have been hundreds of youths recruited to go fight in Syria. Dozens of them have been killed already, often by fellow fighters or competing groups. They mostly end up with the most radical factions, related to Al Quada, adhere to strict Sharia law, and are too extreme for all other groups (citizens and "decent" rebels alike). These are the guys that send back videos of them decapitating innocent elderly people, playing football with their heads, raping and mutilating anyone who dares cross their path. Recently, a bunch of these guys were found in a large villa with a pool, living in luxury, in some conquered village in the north of Syria. Their passtime: kidnapping, raping and killing innocent women. There were 30 bodies already...
We do NOT want these people to come back to the west. They are DANGEROUS, and I fully agree that whoever goes to Syria right now gets at least some questions on return.

Comment Re:Big ass hole (Score 1) 371 371

You just reinvented futures, and how to earn money with them. See

The contract you are mentioning is like a futures contract. Futures contracts can be traded just like any other security on exchanges. AFAIK, there are no futures contracts in bitcoin, yet...

Comment Re:Wait, wait..UNused Rods??? (Score 2) 101 101

Yes. Now imagine 1500 used rods, totaling 250 metric tons of spent fuel, mixed with 200 brand new shiny unused ones, lying in a large pile of mikado in a damaged pool on bent supports 30 feet above the ground, partially cooled by seawater that is eating away the zirconium rod housing, and with the roof collapsed on top of it. What could possibly go wrong...?

Comment Re:FA contraducts itself (Score 1) 317 317

Please read the entire article. They state explicitly that the 300 beta versions that are gonna be sent out in a month will have 4 buttons instead of a touchscreen. The one that ships in 2014 will have a screen instead. The display on the touchscreen will be overlayed on the TV as well, so you don't have to look at the screen if you don't want to. There is no reason to assume the screen won't be in color, that technology is more than mature.

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