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Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 2) 195

If the NK government collapses I think you might see a lot of Chinese citizens and other countries rushing into NK looking for fresh business opportunities. The deciding factor would be how the government collapsed and what is replacing it. Right now I think China is in a bind. I think they are afraid if they took a harder line and started issuing ultimatums NK would tell them to get bent and do so very publicly. China would end up looking like the US in dealing with Syria.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 4, Interesting) 195

It's surprising that China has not been more forceful with NK. China's leadership are all closet capitalists and are very pragmatic. Every move NK makes only increases the size of the US military footprint in the region. Japan and SK are requesting the US to deploy missile defense batteries in the region. Missile defense systems that could very easily be used to degrade China's offensive and defensive missile forces. That is the last thing China wants to see.

Comment Re:No Context (Score 1) 186

Sure people can voice their opinion of dissent but other people can also voice their own differing opinions and do anything they can in support of their opinion. Maybe those asking for this guy to be removed should have their work histories scrutinized to see if they should remain in their current positions. If they really despise the guy in question they are free to resign their own position in protest.

Comment Re:What else is searched for (Score 1) 284

Religion has always been a means of controlling the masses for the past 6000 years. No matter the religion those at the top use religion as a means to increase their wealth and expand their power. And the GP statement could be interpreted several different ways depending on your viewpoint. It can be interpreted as you said but it can also be used by terrorists as justification for their actions.

Comment Re:What else is searched for (Score 1) 284

"Christianity dominated the entire globe by means of conquest and colonialism and killing everyone not wanting to convert. " So this justifies the actions of a small number of Muslims trying to impose their views and lifestyles on the masses? Just how far are you willing to go back in history to weave a chain of cause and effect? The violence and atrocities committed in the name of spreading Islam and the inevitable military reprisals will continue unabated until the people actually committing the violence are blamed for their actions. A bomb goes of in Paris and a sizeable number of people blame French foreign policy instead of those pulling the triggers and setting off the bombs. For every atrocity being committed today the only people not being held responsible for their actions are the actual perpetrators.

Comment Re:I don't see why... (Score 1) 154

Congress has to approve the President's Supreme Court candidates. There is also quite a few other positions that the President has to submit his nominees for Congressional approval. The President cannot snap his fingers and magically solve these problems. There are enough checks and balances in place to make sure a bad President cannot screw things up to bad.

Comment Re:I don't see why... (Score 2) 154

Trump will be no better or worse than any other President but he would definitely be very entertaining to watch. People tend to think the President of the US has the power to do anything they want but they are very limited on what they can and cannot do. It's a Presidency not a Monarchy. I don't think he has thought out what he is really getting himself into if he wins for two reasons. Number one is he cannot fire Congress if they don't do what he says or dismiss Supreme Court judges when they make a ruling against his wishes . Number two is that on being elected a President is required to put all their financial holdings, bank accounts, and investments into a blind trust for the duration of their term. I don't see how Trump could live with that requirement. He can't run his business empire and the US at the same time for the simple reason that there are not enough hours in the day.

Comment Re: A secure backdooor? (Score 1) 179

It's just cheaper to use the Russians to ferry personnel and supplies to the space station. It's not that the Russians are doing something the US can't do if they needed or wanted to. There is no reason the US government should spend Billions of dollars on something where there are much cheaper options. Plus no matter how bad relations get Russia wants to avoid politicizing if at all possible because it generates a lot of hard currency that they desperately need especially since the price of oil has tanked. Of course the US politicians are doing their best to politicize the issue of using Russian rockets in order to boost the US aerospace industry.

Comment Re: A secure backdooor? (Score 0) 179

Today Russia and the US agree on nothing in private or in the public domain. Both sides have backed themselves into a corner where any maneuver towards a reconciliation in relations is nearly impossible. The Cold War era looks like a love and admiration festival when compared to today's international relationships.

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