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Comment Re:The treaty says no such thing. (Score 1) 184

The US already planted a flag on the Moon and since then no one else has stepped foot on the moon:) Maybe the US is using the Mars rovers to survey the landscape looking for the best parcels of territory to claim just in case enough people actually travel there and start arguing over zoning regulations and eminent domain claims. If a sizeable number of humans ever leave the planet we will most likely take our prejudices, animosities, and god help us, our politics with us where ever we go.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 592

Russia would need to actually attack a NATO country before Article 5 kicks in. In this particular case it was a NATO country who technically attacked another non-NATO country. With the destruction of the Russian bound passenger jet a couple of weeks ago and this current incident Russia is getting a refresher course on the chaos running rampant in the ME.

Comment Re:We need a world-wide effort in space (Score 1) 70

"Capitalism allowed the US to buy into advanced Russian products like the Russian RD-180" In this case it was Russia being capitalistic. And it was the US decision to not spend money on reinventing the wheel when they could purchase a viable alternative off the shelf while dedicating the savings to the development of the next generation of engine technologies.

Comment Re:"forbidden tactics" ? (Score 1) 34

We are not talking about a chess game here. It was a game of cyber-warfare and there are no rules in a game like this. The only possible rule would be try not to kill anybody but other than that anything goes. In the real world a drone could be used to take down the Wi-Fi or someone could infiltrate the facility and place a device inside the facility. I am sure the Iranians thought their nuclear centrifuges were safe from outside interference until someone infiltrated one of their most secure facilities in the country and released Stuxnext using a thumb drive.

Comment Re:Transmission of the Key (Score 1) 54

"Ditch windows"
A "properly administered" Windows OS is no more secure or non-secure than any of other popular OS's being used today. Windows just presents a bigger footprint. Windows biggest weaknesses can be attributed to inept system administration, sloppy security patch procedures, bad user account setup, social engineering, and poor firewall administration. These same weaknesses also apply to all of the other OS's being used today. And unfortunately ditching Windows would also mean ditching all the programs running on the system. Other OS's provide some of the applications being run on Windows so your average user might adjust to the transition. However, all the businesses running internally developed custom Windows applications will not be keen on having to re-build all those applications to run on another platform.

"Don't run the most vulnerable software, it does not matter if it is "industry standard". And what if this vulnerable software is the only option? I am forced to work with a 3rd party PLC interface library the could be vulnerable but there is no other choice available that meets my criteria.

You can build a secure OS of any flavor and then have it fall apart as soon as administrators, developers, and support staff start using it. And enough with the "sheep" BS. Your almost out of puberty so put a lid on your arrogance and realize being OS agnostic will serve you well when you get your first job in a couple of years.

Comment Re:Transmission of the Key (Score 1) 54

It would be nice if the so called "security researches" and all the high dollar security firms could actually prevent an attack every now and then. As it is the best these experts seem to be able to do is conduct postmortems after the damage is already done. It's plain to see that the real "security experts" are those creating malware and the ones trying to prevent malware and other security weak spots are 2 steps behind.

Comment Re:Smallest violin ever (Score 1) 176

"CIA wants to read my email, know what websites I visit" If this was actually true the perpetrator would have been in custody the minute he touched anything to do with the Director of the CIA. With all the magical powers attributed to the NSA and CIA in regards to capturing electronic information how could any one get away with hacking anything to do with the government? I mean supposedly the government is analyzing all the internet traffic in real time and sending out kill squads to deal with the violators.

Comment Re:There you go... (Score 1) 120

"culture of secrecy and stonewalling unprecedented '''
The government is more transparent today than at any time in it's history. The people who can't see this are those who think US government history only goes back 20 years. It doesn't mean people should stop trying to ferret out government secrets but changes in how the government changes are incremental and government transparency is getting better and not worse. It may not be as transparent as some would like but it is not something that happens overnight. Is it a secret that the government is planning to store a limited amount of nuclear waste at one of it's research centers? How can it be when we are discussing the very thing that is supposed to be secret. The government, including it's national security agencies, can't keep anything secret these days. You can't complain about government secrets and then go on to describe in detail the very things you claim are a secret.


Although I hate to date myself I have been employed for 28 years in IT. There isn't an OS in existence that I have not worked on in my career. Judging by your "backstabbing" comments you must be around 12 years old give or take a few years. Evangelizing an OS to the exclusion of all others has no place in the professional IT environment. And I wasn't shilling for MS I was remarking that your average users do not care about their OS they care about running applications. And Linux does have a heavy presence in the data center and in other back end web server roles but so does MS. The MS versus Linux battle boils down to selecting the OS that best fits the situation you are working on.

Comment Re: Investors are parasites (Score 1) 138

The shares are issued and held by the company and paid out in it's entirety if you change jobs or just want the money. There is no trading of the shares. Shares increase in value based on the performance of the company and can go up or down but they are less volatile than the investment packages people carry in their 401K.


Users don't care about operating systems they care about running applications. "This bullshit is an unprecedented global backstab in the history of Earth" Evidently you know absolute nothing about the history of Earth. And your comments also make you look mentally incapable of understanding the pros and cons of the various operating systems.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 1) 318

The bulk of Google's revenue is generated from providing a conduit for spreading advertisements in front of as many people as possible. Google also includes SOE improvement services when making their sales pitch to prospective advertising customers. My whole point is that blocking all ads will force companies like Google to find another revenue model. And that new model will most likely include charging money to use their search engines and other online services such as Gmail. They could also start charging a licensing fee just to use their Chrome browser.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 3, Interesting) 318

The reason companies advertise is to generate name recognition and ultimately sales. And if advertisements did not increase sales or derivative income companies, both large and small, would not be spending billions of dollars a year placing ads. Google is an advertising firm not a technology firm. Their technology efforts are centered around increasing the number of users to feed advertisements to. Most of their attempts to generate revenue from other services or products do not even come close to the amount of money they generate by serving as a conduit for advertisements. There are already ways to block the majority of ads and unwanted content if that is your preference. However if Googles revenue starts declining don't be surprised when they start charging money for all of their current services which are currently offered for free to regular users. Every major browser and search engine also rely on advertising income to support their efforts.

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