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by cavok (#41820645) Attached to: 48-Core Chips Could Redefine Mobile Devices

It's not a 64-core CPU, it's a floating-point processor. The basic Parallela model comes with a 2-core ARM CPU.

Ok, they are not full x86 cores - this may also explain the different power consumption - but Intel is targeting the same use(r)s of Adapteva. By the time Intel is ready I hope Linux has taken the world and GPUs are eventually implemented blob-free on top of beds of the Adapteva chips.

+ - Found: data - data recovery made even too much sim->

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cavok writes "Last time I though at recovering data from a refurbished device the only chance to have one was to pick an used hard disk. I was also sure the nobody would use used parts to produce new hard disks so I was quite sure that no data is possibly stored in brand new device. With flash devices things are different, as Marcello reports in his findings."
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