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Comment: Re: We need faster-than-light travel (Score 1) 65

Boy, have we unlearned history. How about tang? Like it? We have been outside of earth, and business wants some reason to go back. Mining the asteroids anyone, low orbit hotels maybe next year for the uberfolks. We keep revisiting the same argument from the 60's, it costs too damn much to send humans to space. But to expand a robots knowledge to some experimental bad designed place with limited programmed powers is okay, then to design another experiment many further years in the future done by a select few, I think you get the point. And we don't learn a thing, and argue over the results of poorly designed questions...

Comment: Re: Is this the missing "dark matter"? (Score 1) 85

Restating your argument, only those with extensive knowledge of a subject are knowledgable enough to comment? There goes / more articles, better get the bible out and only use that for stellar research. You build a theory by standing on the shoulders of others and learning. Modifying the past learning to open the future learning. Otherwise you shut down learning. Learning is the asking of questions. To find a reason something exists or why, or gee, that's neat. That's why science should never be "settled", that means a new dark age. Remember, the bible settled all heracy, such as science, with death. Be a heritic, live,ask, learn.

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by James Buchanan (#47728577) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic
Really. Why is it that the north polar cap melts in July august? And the south polar cap, happens to gain ice during those same months? By the way did you happen to see the article about the ring of fire there? Or several years ago read the article about the newly discovered volcano's under the icecaps of the article? But no one in artic science reported those, seems they must be secret, like sub's using the noise to sit outside ports? Maybe that's why some of the ports were ice free in article areas... I wonder what else was hidden by/for a forgetful/gullible public.

Comment: Re: Washington DC think tanks (Score 1) 443

by James Buchanan (#47728469) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic
Oh, but we are "fucking" up the planet. Age isn't about "green", unless you mean dollar,yen or euro. Green is keeping the planet habitable for " man": and women are included in that. Solar green is shifting money to untaxable locations and hiding it. It takes monies to clean pollution up, good science and an educated public, a are necessary. That's not in the plan for solar greens. Your tax dollars are being wasted by that little diversion called hate the world, kill the darkie, kill the white, and kill the other. That's what the real green solar agenda seems to be.

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What thirty years? I seem to remember the way, prior to your memory, all scientists were worried about the coming ice age, with the coming droughts. Because of the coming low cycle in the sun, something about fewer sunspots transferring less energy to the earth. Less energy, weaker magnetic poles allowing more interstellar rays in, creating more high clouds, reflecting more, you know, sunlight. Weakening our poles, etc. Polar vortices anyone?

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Here's an interesting concept. Who is Isis? I mean who is the money behind them? I've read all the news about them, but one caliph starts a revolution? Right. One man, as a revolutionary is usually a marter. So there are 2-3 or more, who need money to support them. Who supports them and their idea? Who is standing behind the throne directing the killing? Their platform is "educated" by the standards of dictatorship, lack of freedom of the others, seems English/capitalistic in origin, so an offshoot from the bringers of ww1?

Comment: Re: Submission with a spelling error, say it isn't (Score 1) 406

I can call B.S. they have been trying to cut the train crew since they did away with coal, shucks even before that some of the one train on the track outfits only had a brakeman, but they soon went back to a two man crew, just to have a head up for the end of the track. Check out the story of the general, or go back to the accounts of wartime train engineers. But stop blaming unions for you stupidity. Not enough method in your diet.

Comment: Re: Which company is next in line? (Score 1) 353

by James Buchanan (#47619713) Attached to: Microsoft Tip Leads To Child Porn Arrest In Pennsylvania
So in effect they, ms, are the internet judge of porn? The tubes judge of morality? And censor. they didn't guit business, or send themselves to jail for handling the porn. Gee, I thought all communications was needing a court order, to intercept, and determine what is in it. And same with wireless communications. When did it change, and why are we not hearing the otherside of the story. Hate to defend porn, but this is big brother time, and we americans lost another right. Better start opening the gulags.