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Comment: Re:Israeli Army recruits and veterans (Score 1) 561

by catxk (#31732438) Attached to: Young Men Who Smoke Have Lower IQs

"Israeli Army recruits and veterans" What is the average IQ of those not in the army??

Following the logic in the summary, it should be higher. From the summary:

'People on the lower end of the average IQ tend to display poorer overall decision-making skills when it comes to their health,' says Weiser.

Comment: Re:inhaling dangerous chemicals lowers IQ? (Score 1) 561

by catxk (#31732366) Attached to: Young Men Who Smoke Have Lower IQs

i'm shocked. cigarretes are known to constrict blood and oxygen flow. i bet people who smoke are limiting the blood and oxygen flow to their brain and this results in lower IQ results.

it's not the tobacco since a lot of smart people smoke cigars. it's the extras like uranium, polonium and hundreds of other chemicals that the tobacco companies spray on cigarretes that are really bad for you

No, you got it wrong. Smoking does not make you dumb, but dumb people start smoking. It's right there in the summary: stupid people make poor choices regarding their own health.

Comment: Re:I smoke... (Score 1) 561

by catxk (#31732348) Attached to: Young Men Who Smoke Have Lower IQs

And I find it easier to think abstractly when I do (I did quit for over a year). Smoking forces me to take a break from what I'm doing every once in a while, so I get to separate myself from it. Then I get 5 minutes or so of time to contemplate or for abstract thought. I do honestly find myself more productive when I do smoke. Now, I'm not trying to rationalize it (I hate the fact that I got started again)... Just an observation...

Yes, and in the morning, I don't wake up until I have had my cup of coffee. Funny how it wasn't so back when I didn't drink coffee...

Point: your smoking addiction lets you function normally when you smoke, but when you do not smoke, you will function worse. A non-smoker functions normally all the time.

Comment: Re:iPad is not a PC (Score 1) 624

by mjwx (#31732076) Attached to: iPad Jailbroken

A machine as locked down as the iPod isn't "general purpose" in my view.

A view I share, but unfortunately it's not a single purpose device like a VCR or cassette deck (showing my age again). Even as locked down as it is it falls into the "general purpose" category, some may call this "redefining the industry", I prefer to call it only doing half a job.

BTW, the definition should almost be word for word with Wikipedia.

Comment: Re:Only Apple (Score 1) 624

by stephanruby (#31731842) Attached to: iPad Jailbroken

With the added benefit of every app having been screened for malware.

That's simply not true. Apple doesn't check for malware. They'll remove a malware if it's obvious enough it is one. And they'll remove apps for all kinds of other reasons.

But do not think that they do a rigorous code review and security check of every application. They do not, and they admit as much.

If anything, your comment seems to demonstrate, their screening process is probably leading iPhone/iPad users into a false sense of security (assuming those same users think the same way you do).

Comment: Re:What (Score 1) 226

by catxk (#31731242) Attached to: Android's "Flea Market" Needs Urgent Attention
Given the limited time and space given a post on the internets, one hopes the reader applies a certain amount of forgiveness when trying to understand the meaning of a post.

Android is a new OS, its current success is mainly observed in the growing number of phones which runs it. The Ipad is a new product, its success is observed in the numbers of units sold before it even hit the shelves. The Iphone is an old product and its success is observed in continuous high sales, year after year, and a user base which simply adores the product. Hence it is currently meaningful to treat the Ipad and Android success stories as equal when comparing them to the Iphone. I would argue that that much was obvious when reading my original post, thanks.

Comment: Re:What (Score 3, Insightful) 226

by catxk (#31707722) Attached to: Android's "Flea Market" Needs Urgent Attention
If you look at it from an Apple perspective, I guess you would think that the key to mobile OS success is a well-functioning software market. Android, apparently, does not have one. The fact that more and more phones run Android is no more a sign of success than the fact that the Ipad is sold out. Initial high sales indicates little more than successful marketing, but to ensure long-lasting success, the users also have to be satisfied after the purchase. Then again, this is from an Apple perspective. In my opinion (and I use an S60 device), the Android OS seems solid enough with or without an official marketplace.

Comment: Re:The reason this is important. (Score 1) 136

by catxk (#31705620) Attached to: Europe's Space Agency Wants To Do What NASA Can't
There is no risk of overpopulation. As health care improves and the risk of dying at young age decreases, we - as a species - tend to reduce the number of kids we produce, especially if you add increased access to birth control to the mix. This process is happening right now all over the world, and we are already at two kids per woman (or below) in most rich countries. Meanwhile in the third world, people are getting healthier at a much more rapid pace than they are getting richer, meaning that the issue of overpopulation is likely to take care of itself long before the issue of world poverty does.

The logic is proven by statistics, as shown in this graph. Load the graph and press play, and notice how all countries in the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa, are experiencing reduced infant mortality and that, as infant mortality decreases, all around the world, birth rates follow. Conclusion: given enough time, population growth will stop being an issue, and this will happen not because more populous areas are more prone to disease, but because we are all getting healthier, and when we are healthy, we see no point in having more kids than two.

When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.