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Comment talk to a lawyer (Score 1) 224 224

your patents are your patents.

giving them the IP for free is crazy talk. Should they actually be valuable, the company should be paying fair market value and evalutating them just like any other business transaction and they would be separated from your job.

Meanwhile, talk to a lawyer. Now. BEFORE the interview.

Comment Re:Just tell me (Score 1) 463 463

This disease prays on your concern for the sick.

Well it might prey on your concern, but it doesn't even do that.

It just does what it does.

You make some very serious allegations about the hospital administration and their culpability, got any proof about that ?

Were the nurses really so stupid that they were not interested in doing everything they should to protect themselves while treating this person ? I find it hard to believe that things were that lax. I expect the real problem is, as you say, the disease is just incredibily communicable, and the nurses were unfortunately part of the learning curve in dealing with it.

The truly incompetent were the individuals who had a patient who told them he had been to west Africa and was feeling sick, and sent him home.
That took some real density.

Too bad they don't believe in science in Texas.

Comment Re:First post (Score 2) 259 259

a civilization capable of interstellar travel is almost certainly capacble of terraforming, or I guess it would be xenoforming.

I hardly think they would come all this way to raid our puny little planet.

they would able to extract necessary resources from their own, or adjacent solar systems.

Comment Re:Fantastic... (Score 1) 476 476

well the fucking morons in his district elected him.

then, because he's a loyal soldier in the war on science, the republicans gave him the chair of the committe.

remember these committe appointments are political give outs.

you might end up with someone who is actually competent, but it certainly doesn't have to be that way.

Comment Re:email leak (Score 1) 476 476

and interestingly this high and mighty witch hunt for dishonest scientists never seems to extend to the carbon cartel which has an extraordinary financial interest to lie through their teeth.

what we're seeing is exactly why they lie. there is absolutely no down side, and muddying the waters is very useful to them.

Comment Re:sinking heat? (Score 1) 237 237

seems like they could have beat the IR drop by simply bringing out sense lines.

it's not obvious too me how this helps intel.

unless of course the motherboard makers aren't doing a very good job with those external regulators because the intel chips now require such high performance regulation.

that's a distinct possibility.

Comment Re:I hereby request an easier mail/http server set (Score 1) 226 226

I'll tell you what's wrong - you have to know to put exim4-config in there.

Just try and figure out how to reconfigure your keyboard.

why dpkg-reconfigure doesn't take an option to let you know what the hell it is you _can_ reconfigure is another great mystery.

"It might help if we ran the MBA's out of Washington." -- Admiral Grace Hopper