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Comment Re:What is it with Europeans and Bald Eagles? (Score 1) 137

Cane toads are native to America. There are a bajillion of them in Australia. Would you please come and collect them, we don't want them and it apparently upsets you that animals have been moved to new locations.

We tried, but weirdly enough no Native American tribes wanted to claim them as majestic spirit animals. That left us trying to raise awareness by cute youtube videos of cane toads snuggling with fluffy blankies, but they kept losing popularity to videos of puppies, kittens, and piglets. We just can't seem to raise enough angst over the plight of expatriate cane toads to buy any senators to put a bill through. It's a sad day for the fate of 'Murican cane toads worldwide.

Comment Re:And a 1000ft holds how much? (Score 1) 65

That's what the Film Loader is for. I was a Film Loader / Focus Puller for about 4 years and while it's rare to shoot a whole 11 minutes in one shot, you can still go through 1000' pretty quick in 10-30 second shots. So you have a guy who reloads the magazines while you shoot and when you pull a full one off, he's got a new one ready to go. And another half-dozen loaded and waiting. It's really hard to shoot with only 2 magazines if you're doing any kind of serious filming, but a lot of camera packs sell with 2 and you buy (or rent) more when you're getting the other lenses and stuff you need.

Comment WL just wants attention? (Score 1) 833

Seems a lot like the annoying kids who break into lockers to try to find diaries/journals/rants about teachers so they can spread them all over school and feel like they're really smart, secret ninja types instead of the little whiners they really are. "Hey, everybody, we got secret government documents! Look at us, look at us, aren't we so clever!"


Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 443

"If those evil pirates weren't ruining gaming by downloading things and costing us so much money, people would never have gotten the horrible idea that they had the right to get games over the internet instead of coming to our stores so we can charge them extra to buy a physical copy! If we don't charge for and track every physical copy of all music, videos, and games, to prevent improper use like actually listening to, watching or playing them, the WORLD WILL END!" ~sarcasm

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