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Journal: Drudge = third rail

Journal by casuist99

Note to self: Apparently slashdot is teeming with dumbasses who think that Drudge is God Incarnate and infallable. I posted a comment about fact checking any online source in response to a post about Drudge being someone's favorite online political blog. I got modded down troll three times and overrated twice before my score was brought back up. I hope those shithead moderators rot in meta-mod hell and get rated "unfair" so many times they never get mod points again. Ridiculous.

User Journal

Journal: spelling

Journal by casuist99

I'd appreciate it if /.'ers would just accept the fact that until there's a spell-checker feature added to the comment post system, there will be misspellings in comments.

Further, please don't moderate as "funny" posts which just make fun of misspellings. Clearly that makes no sense, is just mean spirited, and really isn't much better than the pot calling the kettle black.

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