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Comment Re:What has Rust been used for? (Score 1) 181 181

Rust hasn't even hit 1.0 yet.
Due to language changes many have chosen to wait until the 1.0 release. So no, it's not surprising not to see anything "of note."

Despite this they have a very active subreddit with many people coding things - especially now that they've hit beta and the language is fairly stable.

There have been a few notable interested parties (that I've seen), including indications that Google is playing around with it and another large project investigating core usage.

Comment Re:Next challenge: FirefoxOS phones (Score 1) 296 296

It will also be interesting to see how it affects the other hardware arenas.
We'll be seeing Firefox OS coming out on TVs, HDMI streaming dongles, raspberry Pi, and likely watches this year.
Upfront they focused on tuning it to run well on very low end hardware which may really pay off for them.

Comment WebRTC (Score 1) 101 101

We will likely see an increase of client-side encoding VP9 through WebRTC.
Let others debate the extent of use, but browser-based video chat and screencasting will likely increase. This should pop many I've-never-encoded-a-video-before cherries.
The usage of VP9 will not be solely for 4k videos.

Comment Re:I stopped using Chrome (Score 1) 260 260

Why does everyone assume that Google is the only game in town for funding Firefox?
Firefox has 1 out of 5 users on the internet. If Google lost Firefox it would be significant. They really wouldn't want to lose it.
Microsoft would love to have Firefox's default search area (and love taking it from Google) and they've repeatedly demonstrated their ability and desire to throw gobs of money at a product until it succeeds (or clearly fails beyond redemption) - and Bing is one of those products.
It seems like few people made the connection when Microsoft partnered with Mozilla to release a version of Firefox "powered by Bing search". Just a month or so later Mozilla announced their three year, $900 million search deal with Google. It seems clear that Mozilla either just before, or during, negotiations with Google demonstrated their ability to pull the trigger with Microsoft.
Google does not want to lose Firefox, but further would hate to lose it to MS. Either way, even if they did, Mozilla would not go hungry.

You will lose an important tape file.