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Comment: a safer future for your ex (Score 1) 146 146

instead of the cell phone filling the buttons with air, the owner of the phone should have to blow his cell phone up to use it. with a breathalyzer installed in the cell phone, the phone would be disabled from making calls, which would end the "i'm drunk so i'm calling my ex" phenomenon.

Comment: Not enough predictions? DO NOT try stephen king (Score 1) 479 479

warning: spoilers ahead: the future as stephen king sees it and reality are quite different. the dark tower series has batteries that last up to 1000 years, with robots (droids, actually) that use them and also last up to 1000yrs, and super sonic trains. and the highest tech of all: dial up modems. at least in our reality, we have broadband. we can always buy another battery.

Comment: Re:Simple countermeasure: Fly low (Score 5, Insightful) 627 627

With the world economy in the toilet, all-time record in unemployment, massive desertification, energy shortage, more than 1 billion starving, epidemics of malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis, global warming, what we really really need is the ultimate super cool weapon.

Not that I believe your premise, but what better time to have a superweapon than when other countries start getting desperate enough to attack?

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